\'post my party\' host offers advice on simplifying diy crafts

by:HKKYO     2019-08-21
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With her parents of musicians who often run away from home, lynzickent spent a lot of time doing crafts with her childhood and nanny.
In the process, she laid the foundation for her future career.
Kent is Toronto-
Creative director of Lynzie events and design, aiming to bring a hand-made feel to the wedding and other new stores she was invited to organize.
With Sunday\'s \"release My Party\" debut on LifeStyle Channel make full, Kent is sharing her craft expertise with aspiring doit-
Your own people seek to hold their own events.
Kent helped a mother design a ballet dancer.
Themed party for daughter with fluffy tutus and colorful edible snacks.
Kent hopes that \"posting my party\" will help dispel the idea that the homebrew project is for artistic genius and DIY onlyinclined.
Part of the way to help simplify her is to use common handmade staples such as building paper, glue and flash in most kindergarten classrooms.
Instead of making a piece of paper
Make plates for Christmas wreaths like we did in school when we were kids, we are now just looking at the materials in a new way to see what new crafts we can do with them
How do we keep it refined.
\"Kent put his own theory into practice and put into practice visually compelling DIY projects that are easy to assemble.
In her office, she proudly presented a project that was created when the series was filmed: pineapple-
A lampshade in the shape of a yellow spoon, green building paper and glue.
When asked to create a movement
She turned the old running shoes she bought from the thrift store into the theme of growing plants.
All we do is spray.
Apply a color of choice to the shoes
Tie it up, then plant a jade plant in the shoe and use some soil. \"Kent said.
\"This is a small conversation.
It\'s really cute and it brings some color to your space that anyone can do.
Kent says she is a huge fan of functional or edible party offers for people planning baby or bridal showers or other themed events, such as biscuits, jam, canned ketchup or canned pickled beets.
However, even for those who are not cunning in the kitchen, they can still use their skills to personalize gifts for their guests.
\"It would be great if grandma made the jam.
But how about your jam?
Did you put some lovely cloth on it?
Are you using ribbons?
Are you saying thank you? you tag on it?
\"You may have 100 things to do, but it\'s not that hard.
Anyone can do it. \"—
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