Ravens vs Chiefs Playoff Preview

by:HKKYO     2020-07-20
Although the Baltimore Ravens head into the 2010 NFL Playoffs as the hotter team, they always be at a disadvantage heading into their first round game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Lee's summit has limped into the playoffs, following a 31-10 drubbing at the hands with the Oakland Raiders that dropped them in the four seed. It is not as if the Chiefs were resting anybody, because they preferred a matchup with sixth seeded Jets. Meanwhile, the Ravens were winners of their final two games, but were not able to capture the division title, and first round cya. So, with Baltimore getting released hot, among only four teams each morning playoffs with 12 or better wins, and Lee's summit struggling, this game seems like an easy call, right? Perhaps not. The Chiefs have the home field advantage, and it's be get into this event. The Chiefs are 7-1 at home on the year, light and portable lone loss being yesterday evening. The Ravens, meanwhile, are a good 5-3 on your way this interval. So, who has the advantage? Baltimore enters the game as a little favorite. The Ravens proven the power to win games by a lot of unique means this season. Joe Flacco has risen towards the elite involving quarterbacking in NFL, while he has exploited the weapons the Ravens provided him in the offseason. Flacco is the main reason the Ravens have the benefit. He is 3-2 in the playoffs on his first two years as a starter, such as a trip for the AFC Title game as a rookie. It is a clear edge over Matt Cassel, who can build his first playoff start. However, Cassel could prove effective as Flacco do you think. Cassel proved that with a sound running game, that the anesthetist can make throws necessary to win games. Kansas City's one-two punch of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones at running back is greatest in the league. Found on allowed Cassel to make plays across the field to Dwyane Bowe, who led the league in touchdown receptions. Kansas City's defense has also shown the skills to result in the big play and force turnovers when needed. So, who has the surface? Though the Ravens are the favorite, Folks the Chiefs win the game. The home field crowd, which is actually an of greatest in the NFL, is actually going to beyond excited to be hosting a playoff game in a few years. The rushing attack in order to be able to act the chains effectively while keeping the Ravens offense upon the sideline. Planning to be an one, nonetheless predict a 23-20 victory in favor of Kansas city.
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