Reflective Content Software in Advertisement Industry

by:HKKYO     2020-05-30
The earliest utility of reflective content was employed for army label in Globe War 2. It fulfilled broad use since 1950's because of its lightweight special feature for transportation, security protection and so forward. The reflective substance does not need the fixing on light supply. In that case, reflective substance can be made use of in advertisement to attract public attention. The traditional reflective material is based on single-colored mode. It is always quite difficult to the demand of advertisement sector on color and 3-D image. That may cause its special advertisement use in narrow circumstances. Due to technical loophole, the inkjet painting is not integrated with reflective materials. In order to satisfy large demand of advertisement business, the latest version of reflective content applies lattice reflection principle to prevent many flaws of glass micro fibers. The improved reflective materials gets rid of your limitation on color, tension and specification. The improved gadgets can be perfectly work with traditional cloth material and back-glue inkjet skills. As we know, a sting of light can fulfill the lightening function the actual restriction of power and electricity. Reflective material just utilize such theory to turn advertisement into bright point in the dark night for the people 24 hours. For instance, the symbolic reflective lamp work: Light King just applies many styles of lighting theories. Light King reflective advertisement software can constitute the luster effect brighter and more shining than other content. The saturated effect of image would be proper to make the expressing content vivid and easy for those to remember. What's more, new type of Light King for advertisement utility does not have to change any manufacturing crafts. So, such reflective content can be utilised for nearly various outdoor advertisement. Light King combines requirements solution on image's color saturation. It tries hard to handle the weakness of traditional inkjet depending on print quality and ink substance. New-type reflective substance is targeted on the assortment of sunshine. It can be important for website visitors discover the real color of advertising and marketing. Outer light supply can be beneficial to treat the electric limitation of advertisement whiteboard. The release of sunshine King along with reflective substance illustrates the times of diversified inkjet materials. Different from traditional printing, reflective advertisement fulfills the image performance through special quality. Apart from reflection, cited light, light guide, select light, light, uniform light technologies would be developed from Light King series to bring new display mode and opportunity for advertisement business.
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