right at home: ny gift fair serves up a mix of old and new, vintage and high-tech

by:HKKYO     2019-08-15
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On this side of the aisle, windswept barn boards and broken farmhouse tables are filled with patchwork toys, quilts and wooden pull toys.
On the other hand, the latest innovations in holographic technology have turned the children\'s iPad case into a mini-surf movie.
This is the essence of the big New York gift show twice a year, a short compilation of a new work that blends smoothness and fashion with family and glamour.
This is a work market, which means the owner can buy it there.
If you want to know what the trend is, see where the crowd gathers to place an order.
A popular sample: the appearance of the new wine is attractive during the holidays 2012 and the days to come: coarse linen and Kraft paper packaging, paint storage containers, forged iron table top items and bushel baskets filled with old items
The vintage textile print turned several stalls into the ersatz complex.
The Dutch company Pip Studio has a busy booth filled with girly-toned paper items such as country flower porcelain, bags and roses, pink and blue.
Merel boers\'s China and napery collection showcases her iconic girlish style, antique artwork, and gives her a contemporary style that is black and white.
Eye of illustrator Fiona Hewitt-Wu and Wu
Capture the deer of the Asian kitsch series, wide
Children with eyes and Bluebirds add a lot to the collection of hand kits, cookie cans and small wallets.
At Artartmerben\'s booth, there is a series of interesting mohair hairs, felt, pillows and accessories, decorated with crochet-woven flowers, ribbons and stripes in beautiful vegetable colors, decorated by NepalLos Angeles-
The Wolfum studio in Annabel Inganni offers napkins, pillows, and a range of Baltic birch decorations, book heads and hook hands
Bold southwest and ikat patterns are printed.
Natural Life, Jacksonville, Florida. -
The creator of the girl
Bohemian Center
Accessories and household items in style, cleverly collected painted kitchen tools, ceramics, sacks and small jewelry trays.
Most of it is printed with the company\'s slogan \"Think happily, be happy\" or similar optimistic phrases. Animal-
The theme is very decorated.
KarmaKiss has cool environment lights in the shape of owls, cats and birds.
The stalls of the House of goods were packed with ceramic squirrels, racoons and mice dressed in bright paint --
Box tones in orange, blue, red and fiery red-engine red.
Technology accessories and toy whimsical color batteries
Many gift and toy stalls have phone cases and brand-name headphones on them.
There are neon silicone sleeves, some have stupid bug antennas, and some cool holographic 3-
People with jungle animals or beach waves.
Local unions show fashion and slim
Profiles of mobile phones and some interesting new retro patterns and colorsstyle handsets.
Popar Toys demonstrates augmented reality technology that allows kids to turn their webcam into 3-
An adventure book for astronauts, construction workers or scientists.
The Protocol demonstrates some remote
Control helicopters and vehicles for the young adult market.
Premium CREDITGently glazed or matte
Finished pottery is a very important element.
Artist Alexandra Fallon from N BrielleJ.
Small pinch-
Source and traditional rim Cup. The Dutch-
Tag-based Aleph provides beautiful pastel-
Hued clay boat.
Soft ice cream colors add to the sweetness of these pieces, which stand out from the bolder bra graphic items at stalls such as Jonathan Adler and the French Bull.
Stationery and paper bags occupy the dominant position in the stationery market, presenting home design in the ecological environment
Recycle the friendly soybean ink on the paper. Sourcebook:www. mercantilehome. comwww. nativeunion. comwww. naturallife. comwww. karmakiss. netwww. pipstudio. comwww. wuandwu. comwww. popartoys. comwww. labelaleph. comwww. wolfum. comwww. missblackbirdy. comwww. protocolny. comwww.
Sources and traditions.
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