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by:HKKYO     2019-08-24
School holidays are a good time to get in touch with your child.
It\'s not until the relentless rain hurts your plan that you start staring at the bucket of another day trapped indoors.
Don\'t let them watch my World videos on YouTube all day, but try these funny, failed videos
Keep them busy and sensible safe.
From creating superheroes to building telescopes, the small and curious craft pack is a great little event box that will take up and inspire your kids to get creative.
Different levels of adult supervision are shown on each package, and you can choose whether to join all or engage them. The best part?
You don\'t even have to leave the house to get it because they can be delivered directly to your door.
Baking is a great way to interact, to entertain the kids, and in the end it gets a delicious reward.
The bond of Julena Nora
Baking Gatherer Gourmet, a bakery based, says baking is a great thing for kids.
\"They like to create things and they can learn how all the different ingredients are combined and they can see the results and eat them.
\"In a world that feels like technology and apps are slowly consuming the minds of children, don\'t be afraid to take away old school stuff with jigsaw puzzles.
Not only are they an awesome activity that can include the whole family, they can also take up quite a bit of time and encourage logical thinking.
Treasure Hunt is the ideal way to keep a group of kids entertained, especially when you have a variety of ages.
Hide the things at home.
Edible or small toys
Give each child a basket, assign a search area, and let them look for it.
According to your child\'s age, design a set of clues to decipher in order to find prizes.
There are several reasons why we think this activity is priceless: it doesn\'t cost anything, children like to create their own space, it inspires their creativity.
Use sheets, dining chairs, tables, or use the back of the sofa to create a hiding place for the children.
Put some snacks together
Including the baked food you made before.
Enjoy a little picnic.
Don\'t be afraid to mess up the house, it won\'t take much time to restore the room once the kids go to bed
If they don\'t convince you to let them spend the night in the fort.
Ease your mood with TV, don\'t feel sad, why not share some movies that you enjoyed when you were a child, or revisit some Disney classic movies?
As a family, sit down and spend an afternoon or evening, take out popcorn and enjoy some hug time on the couch.
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