science and art rainy day activities for kids

by:HKKYO     2019-08-31
Do three things on rainy days with young children.
During the long winter months, it may be too tempting to set aside extra TV time for your child to make everyone happy.
Science and art activities are a great way to keep children busy, active and secretly learning without sitting in front of the TV.
Here are some rainy day activities for kids to combine science and art indoors, which will encourage your kids to experiment on rainy days and become a popular place to entertain.
Broken ball Credit: AmazonOnce set up this activity to allow your child to learn and experiment on their own so you can take a break or take care of some of the chores.
Hang a soft or soft foam ball or plastic ball such as a Nerf ball from the ceiling or door.
This can be achieved by tying a thin cotton rope or any other durable rope around the ball.
Then tie the other end to the hook that screws into the ceiling or door.
Hang the ball at least one to 2 feet from the ground.
Now here\'s your broken ball.
Give your child different items that they can use to build buildings under the ball, such as building blocks, crafts or dominoes.
Choose items of different weight and size so they can try different architectural designs.
Then, let your child see if they can knock down their creations with a swing of a broken ball.
Through this activity, your child will learn some basic concepts of physics and architectural design.
Depending on the angle and strength of the swing, the ball moves in different directions.
Depending on the architectural design, the ball may or may not break the structure.
Do you need to have multiple kids entertained, busy hanging a few balls from the ceiling and turning your living room into a building area?
Tile ArtOn heavy duty cardboard or wood scrap measurement Credit: Amazon 2 feet by 2 feet, connect various tiles with strong glue or tile cement if you have one.
The idea is to create different patterns with different tile shapes, textures and sizes.
Make several tile templates.
Then set different washable temperature paint colors in the Cup for your child to paint the tiles.
Upon completion, help her to place a large piece of art paper on the painted tile and gently press it.
Pull the paper up and you can print out the tiles.
With washable paint, you can erase the paint left on the tile and create another masterpiece.
Let your child use as much or as little paint as possible to see what impact this has on the final creation.
You are required to do some preparatory work for this art activity.
However, once set up, the tile template will last for many years.
In this indoor rainy day event for kids, you need several fresh mushrooms and white paper.
Use a piece of paper for each type of mushroom and write the name of the mushroom on the paper.
Break the stem from the mushroom with your child, but be careful not to damage the top of the mushroom.
Set it up in a place where the project can be free from interference for about 24 hours.
Put the mushroom cap spores on paper and let them sit down until the next day.
It\'s time to remove the cap and you should have a mushroom spore seal.
Spray a clear process paint capping agent on paper to preserve the print.
Check the fingerprints with your child.
Can you find any differences in Spore seals of different types of mushrooms? Will this interest your child, search on the Internet, or go to the library with your child to learn more about mushrooms
With broken balls and tile art, put supplies in a box marked with labels when you clean up.
This allows you and your child to need a channel to vent their repressed energy on the next rainy day to quickly and easily grab and set up activities.
You can also use these rainy day activities to stimulate your children to think and design their own indoor science and art activities.
For rainy days, buy a range of science kits with more scientific knowledge in case kids drive you crazy on rainy days.
A chemical set, a fingerprint set, or a crime scene investigation set can keep you busy all day.
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