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by:HKKYO     2019-08-15
A bus accident 10 years ago. name changed)
Have disability
She knows a little bit about the tailor\'s craft, but she can no longer step on the pedal of the sewing machine.
Today, she found her mobile phone bag and Sari cover on her hand.
The operating machine, the Vama on Avanashi Road occupies a proud position and ends during the race.
Profits from the two stores go to charity every month, especially in education and health.
\"Vama as Rathna Regent 12 years ago (
Now the regent)
Revathi Kannan, the cousin who runs the store, Shanthini Choudhry.
They began to increase their products according to demand.
Initially, they used the proceeds of the store to encourage musicians who grew up with the support of Natham.
Slowly, they branch out.
Every year, they experience several students four times.
A year of technical courses to help different peopleabled;
Donation for Orphanage. .
Vama has a wide range of products, craft bags, hair accessories, terracotta warriors and horses jewelry and brass products.
Revathi and Shanthini also obtained products from NGOs working with vulnerable groups.
For example, good partners in Kolkata work for the welfare of orphans and street children.
They make beautiful clothes with smoke and embroidery.
Since 2006, their second branch, Odds N Ends, is more spacious and suitable for the university crowd.
The products in both stores start with Rs. 20 (
Key chain, refrigerator magnet)
Hundreds of them (
Yellow sack in Kolkata and salwar kameezes print in Jaipur).
The price of brass products is around rupees. 1,000 or more.
Teach Thilagavathy to Revathi with your hand-
Operate the sewing machine, track the design on the fabric, and then divide the tailor into colored sari bags and bags, etc.
Shopping here is fun and affordable.
More importantly, it makes people feel good about changing the lives of some vulnerable groups.
The store is open all day between 11. m. and 7 p. m.
Phone number: 98940-40571.
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