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by:HKKYO     2019-08-29
Call it a mix of Sesame Street/French bistro.
Smock is a brand new gathering place on Roncesvalles Avenue.
Encourage children to be seen and heard by their mothers
Yes, so is Dad.
Enjoy freshly baked food and a delicious lunch. When you grow up
Ups has coffee and tea in a bright and comfortable restaurant and the children are nearby --
Full supervision-
At the same time engaged in a variety of arts and crafts.
This \"parent Paradise\" is the idea of Sara Wood, 34.
Also known as cafes and miracle workshops
Just because there is no.
She\'s four years old. year-
The old daughter opens up a new dimension in her life, and she explores it with the aim of finding a way to create quality time for parents and their children, this is every child but there are art supplies here and there is no time limit.
\"There\'s nothing like this here, and I know it\'s really going to fill the gap,\" she said . \".
\"I wanted an environment like this, so I went out and did it myself.
She stressed that while mothers do enjoy chatting and chatting on each other\'s days, the experience is mostly about children.
\"I want a place to welcome them, get them involved and take on the challenge, not just in the corner,\" she said . \".
\"There will be a lot of fun, there will be a lot of new friends.
Because she mainly serves the young mother, everyone is on the same boat, a crying baby --
Even the weird big kid.
Just part of the day.
Work clothes are not open for almost a week and it is easy to see Wood
People with a background in dance, creative arts and dining-
There must be a problem.
Just before noon, strollers and carriages gathered at the scene of 287 Roncesvalles, where women greeted each other with small pimples on their cheeks and shared anecdotes when ordering lunch.
Mari Choi, who lives nearby, is there with her two young children and a friend Katharine Kim, who also carries two children.
The youngest was free to play games in the restaurant, while Cui\'s daughter\'s 4-year-old poem was sitting on a large craft table tidying up an artwork.
\"This is a good idea,\" Cui said . \".
\"I know this place will really work.
Kim agreed and said she felt completely relaxed.
Wood says she knows there\'s a lot of store parent/child business,-
Among many other differences
She ordered fresh salads, sandwiches, soup, egg rolls, muffins and cupcakes.
In addition, Smock has a studio downstairs to hold more art classes for older children, such as photography.
\"I\'m learning,\" Wood said . \".
\"It\'s exciting. It\'s really interesting.
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