sol ‘rag&bone man’: 10 handcrafted bottle openers to give away

by:HKKYO     2019-11-28
The promotion is now over.
Paul fabank-the rag and the bone man-is a master of remodeling: contemporary artisans and modernity --
He turned old aircraft engines, abandoned old-fashioned machinery, rare car parts and even old golf clubs into unique, elaborate contemporary classics.
Not only did he turn what most people think of as waste products into the biography heir of outstanding beauties, but Paul also turned the character and quirks of the components into chandeliers, lights, boxes, bars, tables and even hangers.
During this time, he honed his skills and accumulated tools and time.
Honor machinery, and continue to collect bicycle debris and interesting scraps from grease shops and scrap stations around the East End of London, so it is the name of the rag and bones.
Kevin McCloud of Grand design described him as \"the king of unchallenged waste dumps, recycling rulers and metal genius craftsmen \".
To celebrate Paul\'s art and independent work, Sol presented ten \"rags and bones\" bottle openers.
Inspired by the shape of the earlier rare classic British motorcycle conrod wrench, these unique items are placed in a leather bag inspired by the traditional motorcycle tool roll, it is made of grade 17 fine gray cast iron from a foundry in Britain.
They use a mixture of pure flax seed oil and white beeswax to protect their surface.
Read Paul Firbank\'s interview here.
Terms and Conditions: The promotion ended at 23: 59 on August 31, 2015.
UK only.
A conrod bottle opener has ten awards and the promotion is open to independent readers whose sister readers use the Evening Standard and I as newspapers.
The winner will be the first entry randomly selected after the deadline and will be contacted by September 2, 2015. Over 18s only.
The prize is not-
Transferable, no cash to choose from.
There is only one online entry per person.
General promotion rules apply, see independence. co. uk/rules.
For more information, please write to independent customer service department, Northcliffe Building, 2 Delhi Street, London, W8 5TT.
Sponsor: Heineken.
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