spain joins chinese toy recall - reuters

by:HKKYO     2019-08-15
MADRID (Reuters)-
Spanish authorities ordered two Chinese
The Ministry of Health said on Thursday that under the leadership of the United States and Australia, toy kits made will be recalled.
The Ministry of Commerce said the National Consumer Association was recalling similar toys Bindeez made by Aqua Dots and mouse enterprises made by Spin Master because they could be dangerous.
It did not say how many toys the recall affected.
In America, 4.
2 million Aqua Dots process packs were recalled as beads may contain chemicals similar to the \"date rape\" drug that, if swallowed, can lead to unconscious, respiratory depression, or seizures.
Australia banned Bindeez after three children were seriously ill by swallowing beads from toys.
In Spain, the two games were released by toy company r \'US, Hasbro y Giochi Preziosi.
Earlier on Thursday, officials said consumers and business leaders in the EU and the United States would meet in Washington on Friday to agree on global toy safety standards. made toys.
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