stores offer babes a toyland : shopping: the valley\'s smaller establishments compete by providing personal service and extensive play areas.

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From the outside they look like ordinary shops.
They were stuffed into the Mini.
Along the shopping malls of Ventura and Reseda Boulevard, next to yogurt shops, flower shops and
Photo shop for hours.
But they don\'t have anything ordinary in it.
They are a private toy store in San Fernando Valley.
The owners of these stores do not compete with major toy chains or even make their goals as different as possible from large toy stores.
Including animal Kracker-
The tree house in Encino and the children in the development of Mount woodlands are all on Ventura Avenue;
Victor\'s toy on Reseda Avenue-
The oldest toy store in Silicon Valley
Everyone focuses on personal concerns, unusual toys, and makes children entertained while parents shop.
Like the rides in Disneyland, the atmosphere of each store is different from other stores, however, the three companies have provided the children with magical changes in large toy stores such as toy fight city and Kaybee toy store.
\"Our motto is that we will never hire 16-year-
Five years ago, Roberta Skra opened up the developing child with her brother, Joe Skra.
\"We pick every item we buy and we personally help every customer who enters the door.
\"Personal service, also known as the monastery Faranesh, owner\'s animal Kracker-
Gina Dunn of Victor toys has won hundreds of loyal customers.
\"If a customer walks into my store more than once, I remember them and know their name,\" said Faranesh, who runs animal Kracker --
Tree house for nearly 10 years.
But the toy store is for the children after all.
Their appeal to small companies is why stores like this really occupy the market.
In these stores, parents can leave their children in the play area, where the toughest critics can test samples of toys.
Parents can shop when children get lost in play.
\"In this way, parents can do something without having to tell their children not to touch anything,\" Dunn said . \" She set aside a full play field behind the store, Victor\'s toy
Dunn works behind the store, watching the kids play on the little Tyke slide and swing, or racing on the big wheel.
Victor has more than 10,000 square feet of toys, which is the same size as some large toy stores.
But this is where the similarities are.
The old look of each toy in the game field proves that the children do like shopping on Victor\'s toys as much as their parents do. At boutique-
Roberta Skra says the developing child is her personal goal to spend time with every customer.
As for the children, they have four separate game tables.
On one table, for example, children can make crafts and on the other, they can install and disassemble trains imported from Germany.
\"The key to making any toy store successful is to set aside a space for children to play,\" said Karen Lanner of Forest Hill, she took her daughter Catherine, 4-year-old Catherine and Chelsea for 19 months and went shopping with her when she found the baby.
Roberta is knowledgeable so she can guide you to the right age
Toys that suit your needs . \"Animal Kracker-
Customers at the Treehouse always seem impressed by Faranesh\'s knowledge and understanding of children.
Before deciding to open a toy shop, Faranesh taught 16 years of books in the Valley\'s middle school and replaced classes.
Faranesh sells clothes, toys and books, and her shop is divided into four comfortable small rooms.
The biggest room has clothes for the big kids, and the smaller central room has a variety of educational toys.
One side of the central room is the room with children\'s books and the other is the room with baby clothes.
Faranesh says the children like this library best.
The room is like a library with huge plush animals in the corner.
It is not uncommon for Faranesh to help customers in the clothing area of the store, while the customer\'s children curl up and read books next to the stuffed animals.
Throughout the book and toy room, Faranesh has toys, books and activity baskets.
\"She\'s not so happy at any store,\" says Karen Lepp, who watched her 16-month-old daughter Carly poke a stuffed panda in front of animal KrackerTreehouse.
\"It\'s just that there aren\'t a lot of shops where kids can sit on the carpet and touch everything they like.
\"Encino\'s Tama Marantz, a customer of Faranesh for many years, praised the quality of these toys.
\"My feeling about this store is that I want to wrap it up and take it home,\" she said . \".
Faranesh and other small toy store owners are able to compete with major chains because they are trying to store items that people can\'t find elsewhere.
In Victor\'s toy, Dunn took Mrs. Alexander and the avabi doll with him. -
Items for all collectors-
It ranges from $40 to $350.
One of the special dishes of New York-
Headquarters in 10-inch-
The tall first lady doll was made to imitate the actual wife of the United States. S. presidents.
Some of them can only be obtained through special orders at a cost of up to $1,000.
Victor\'s toy also comes with handmade teddy bears imported from Germany, priced between $50 and $70.
Each bear has moving parts.
But there are a lot of unusual toys in Victor\'s for between $5 and $20.
Operating toys such as police cars ($14. 95)
Fire truck ($22. 95)
Motorcycle ($9. 95)
And a smoking whistle locomotive ($19. 95). \"These battery-
\"The toys we run are the most popular ones we have now,\" Dunn said . \".
\"We can hardly let them stock up.
\"Victor\'s, which has been in Reseda since 1950, also has a special range of wooden craft bags.
The kit comes with glue and all the necessary materials for $6. 99 to $9. 95.
At the animal Restaurant-
The price of the tree house is slightly higher than the price of the toy fight city or Kaibi toy, but Faranesh says it\'s because she only bought the highest --quality toys.
\"I don\'t buy anything without touching it first and playing it myself,\" Faranesh said . \".
\"If I am personally happy with this product, then I will allow it in my store.
Faranesh\'s favorite is her ceramic children\'s music box. -
Flying planes, teddy bears, circus shows and music dolls-
The price is between $25 and $39.
Faranesh is old too.
Old-fashioned spinning tops, wooden puzzles and fun books for kids, such as a book on \"Facebook\", which includes a $14 set of paint and sponges. 95.
In Faranesh\'s library, there is an adult book about children\'s self.
Respect the health of the child.
\"This is the main place to stay for my birthday present, especially when I am in a hurry,\" said encbraaverman, who is shopping at animal Kracker --
Tree house for several years.
\"Abby knows what children like and I don\'t have to spend an hour shopping.
Michelle Marquette of Encino says she loves shopping at the animal market.
Because of Faranesh\'s personal style and unique books in the children\'s library, the tree house.
In developing children, Sklar brothers and sisters are aware of the assumption that small toy stores are more expensive.
So they make sure that 80% of the goods are priced at $15. 95 or less.
\"People think you have to spend a lot of money to get a real high price --
High quality toys, this is no longer true, \"said Roberta Skra.
This developing child is the biggest distributor of PlayMobil toys on the West Coast, another reason why customers often stop again and again.
When customers enter the store, they face two PlayMobil toys and accessories, including the theme set (
Circus, train, Safari, ranch, etc. )
Prices range from $60 to $80, and while some are bigger, the price of electronic devices is as high as $300.
The center of the store is occupied by a multi-level arts and crafts center full of creative toys for children in Ohio
A company that produces process packages. Each kit--
Like those with quilting kits and dolls-making (each for $15. 95)--
Everything the child needs to do is inside.
The Battat Band series is one of the best-selling toy series for developing children.
Battat is high
A toy instrument of high quality, each playing music and having another additional function.
Although there are many toys
The manufacturer manufactures toy piano and drum sets, and Battat manufactures children\'s accordion, saxophone, muqin, harmonica, tambourine and five-tone tubes
Baby rhythm band for prices ranging from $10 to $10. 95 to $24. 95.
There are also a variety of small toys in each store that can be excellent socks or party supplies.
\"The reason you can\'t find so many small toys in a larger store is because they are afraid of being stolen,\" Dunn said . \".
\"We are not too worried about this because we will spend some time with our customers.
\"But like any toy store, children are the ultimate critics.
\"This is the only fun toy shop,\" said Matt, 7, Encino, who played a Brio wooden train when he found out about children.
\"We don\'t get stuck because we like to play with toys.
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