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Children\'s gifts are not necessarily plastic Superman and space warrior with bionic heart and self
Destroy in six days.
Think about the old holiday.
Fashioned: many root plants--
Sailing boats, tops and small toys, toy drums and soldiers, puppets and kites, diary and coin tricks, rope skipping, kaleido scopes, kazoos and magnets, paint or tea sets are also well-founded nearby-many under $1.
Manual and self-made thinking-
Process and miniatures;
Or educational and scientific toys at Smithsonian stores-
Gyro, Prism, old airplane model or pocket telescope and telescope;
Good books and records.
In short, treat a child with simple, sturdy toys we know.
Here are some shops where unusual, high-quality children\'s gifts can be bought at a reasonable price, many of which are run by good people who care about your business.
If you are shopping at the last minute, please call first to confirm that the item you want is still in stock.
Red Balloon (
1073 northwest Wisconsin Avenue, 965-1200)
More than 200 of cheap stock
A lot of imported drinks.
Owner Bob Joey seems to like to show them as much as the kids do. Good for old-
Old-fashioned girl: a Kate greenweiser full of minitea set, $2. 50;
Small sewing kit for $2. 98;
Leather animal wallet for lunch, $2. 98.
For the small one, there are three-in-
Bought a little red riding hood doll, grandma and Wolf for $4. 50.
Traditional toys include Jacob\'s Ladder for $3. 98;
$6 wooden jump Jack. 98;
Russian nesting doll for $9. 95;
River boat gamblers 95;
12 dollars, like horses. 98;
$16 nutcracker soldier95;
A dragon kite for $2. 75;
The kaleidoscope starts at $14. 98;
And breeding turnsof-the-Century pressure-
Metal Toy, $2. 98 and up.
Try the oversized candy
Striped stockings 12. 95)
Full of lightin-the-
$3, dark stars, moon and planets. 25;
Rainbow sticker in the yard, $1 (
Follow reainbow fans: see rainbow shop at New Port square in Baltimore); a one-man hand (
Cazzo, cy, drums and horns), $2. 25;
12 hands dipped in birthday candles for $2. 98;
Hand lace, with red heart or purple pig, $1 per pair; finger-
Paint bubble bath for $4. 98;
$2, ballet dancer or flying Superman magnet. 25 or 98 cents;
An animal ink stamp or template of 98 cents.
A clever craft is window paint imported from Germany for $9. 95.
Painted on a window, it looks like a stained glass.
Peel it off and stick it on building paper and varnish-
It looks like coupling.
For $21 if you want to see, there is a charming music jewelry box and a dancing clown. 95 or Bai Qingge (
Japanese Pinball)for $39. 95.
Across the street from Georgetown, you may see a wooden rocking horse.
In the window of the bowl and board (
1066 northwest Wisconsin Avenue, 338-5919)
All kinds of wooden toys in stock (
White Pine and mahogany)
Made in Vermont and islands.
The man in the window is as high as $150, but there is a rocking inside-horse kit (
Have directions and everything you need)
$24 and a pin.
A molded version of $39.
Other wooden toys include 25 cents for tops;
Cars and trucks, 50 cents to 20 dollars;
$1 plane and helicopter75 to $15; train sets, $1. 75 to $80;
$29 Ferris wheel. 25.
A group of toy soldiers, horses, flags, cannons, ammunition and barrels of $18 will certainly be welcomed by the little boy. 25.
A $21 mouse has a puppet.
How do your favorite children dress up as old people
Boy or Girl?
Tintype portrait for the 19 th-
Smithsonian\'s century photographer Studio
Old clothes are provided and the price of a person\'s 4x5 Photo starts at $9).
Museum stores in art and industrial architecture (
900 Jefferson Avenue SW, 357-1367)
There you can find educational toys inspired by exhibits.
For example, a huge magnet, $3;
Rock and Mineral Collection, $1. 25;
$1 magnifying glass20; gyroscopes, $1. 95;
$1 combined micro telescope/microscope. 50;
$8 wooden Conestoga van kit; an old-
$4 time car kit; dinosur cookie-
Cutter in canvas dinosaur bag, $13; the 1981 air-and-
Space Calendar, $9.
The little girl wanted a delicate round Chinese paper fan for 65 cents;
Kate Greenway plays cards for $4. 75;
A mason jar full of fudge for $3. 50; an old-
An old Christmas block hanging on a tree for $2. 85.
Johnny Burnett\'s 9-for-
The best day the batsman had?
If you know or want to know, please check the baseball box, 154 trivia cards for $9.
There are a lot of hardcover hobbies and old ones.
Children\'s books, including the day at the zoo-
Replica of antique pop musicup book at $8. 95 --
There\'s also an old cast iron punch copied by a collectorand-Judy bank, $50.
If you like the hand-made look and don\'t do it yourself, go for a step (
Bethesda, 7327 Wisconsin Avenue, 656-2550)--
It\'s like going to a craft exhibition every day.
This is a place to find boots like grandma used to knit ($3. 50).
There are all kinds of puppets, from feeling animal finger puppets, 90 cents, to pop musicup clowns, $4.
50, to the doll of felt (2. 50), terry (bath mitts, $3)and knit ($5).
Quilting items include a $8 block. 75;
Big letters for $4. 50;
Love horse with yarn Horse, $9. 50 to $14; an old-
Old-fashioned tufted clutch ball for $9;
Baby quilts over $27.
Knitting: Letter building blocks, set of $10; baby sets, $12. 50;
Personalized childrenStockings size ($10)
A little Dolly\'s (2);
Button monster, 95 cents;
The door handle of Sesame Street was covered, and the Cookie Monster was caught in the act of devouring Oreo for $3. 50. Wooden: animal-
Shape crayon rack, $4; hand-
The bedroom wall is engraved with a name sign for $4. 50; a special-
Order giraffe clothes rack for $25.
Ceramic: $5, Elephant Hook;
A piggy bank with a cork nose for $8. 25;
Dollhouse miniature model from $1. 25 to a three-piece old-
Bathtub set (claw-
Chain toilet)for $20.
Other hand-made children\'s gifts include felt mouse bookmarks, $1;
$9 tie death baby suit. 50;
$8, bright little decal activity apron. 25 and up; the two-faced baby (asleep-awake, $13. 50); a macrame-and-
Beads nackerman, $2. 50; a stained-
The glass Caterpillar hangs on the window for $4. 50;
There are also tree decorations, such as Charlotte\'s net, a furry spider on the Silver Line, for $3. WHY NOT? (
200 above a clothing store at 548 King Alexander Street-4420, 548-2080)
Let\'s recall the five of yesterday. dimes.
Checking the sundries carefully will cause many basic losses. or-less stocking-
The things mentioned above
There\'s a bunch of magic, antique paper dolls of the Edwardian era, $2. 50;
92 Hall of Fame baseball cards for $2. 50;
Old Maid and other mini
75 cents for card games;
The worst elephant jokes and other jokes and Welsh books in the world, $1. 50;
And a wonderful collection of historical coloring books including antique airplanes, ballet, composers, Great Indian chiefs, steamed cars and toys at $1. 50-to-$3. 50 price range.
This is a great way out for dolls, doll houses, miniatures and their related magazines and books.
A book was published in 1908 called How to wear old clothes
50 with patterns
The little girl also wants a birthstone ring of 80 cents; a like-
A real set of cutlery for $4;
A small wooden heart bracelet for $2. 50; a diary, $5;
$6 Christmas blizzard50; hand-
$2 to $3. 50;
And the $3 gross headband. 50.
Boys want the dinosaur festival (
Stuffed copies of books and rubber); old-
$8 for the car. 65;
Britain\'s metal model soldiers, cowboys, Indians and Knights are 89 cents each;
There is also a $18 Valkyrie kite.
The baby wants a picture of a $13 cloth; a nursery-tales doll, $3. 60;
Small wooden puzzle with handles for $4. 50;
There are more than $1 cloth, board and Touch Book.
Anyone wants a hand puppet made by hand (
My favorite is the Indian, the King, the clown and the Mermaid)
Local teacher Margaret Crawley stole for $6.
The store also comes with a simple craft bag-
Pearl, needle, knitting, oriamo (
Japanese folding page)--$1.
$75 to $5, wooden toys-
The Brio Wood Railway from Sweden costs $59. 50;
Noah\'s Ark for Tucker Toys is $39.
There is a thoughtful little play area for the kids when mom browses.
If you have a older child who wants to try to make a gift for family or friends, visit TOYLAND (
At the University Mall, 10655 Braddock Road, Felix, 591-3866)for craft kits.
Creative hands can open the latch
Hook pillows and carpets for $5. 99;
Yarn animal called hugup, $1. 79; color-
A mug with six holiday labels for $2.
99, leather items such as wallets and key chains, $5. 99;
Jewelry, masks or private zoo with Das self
Reinforced model material, $6. 99.
There are some clever endings like the Animal Band, $1. 99 to $2.
69, and a jogging Santa for the little jogger on your list, $1. 59.
It\'s worth a visit: a pocket machine for $2. 34;
A coin bank for a $4 gum machine. 49;
Passport game with velcro
Very suitable for travel (
Dominoes, checkers, chess and BBK), $4. 99;
And jigsaw puzzles of hardwood floors of wooden toys such as jungle and farm animalsschoolers, $5. 29, and the 80-
A wooden block structure called nuts and bolts for $10. 88.
CRABTREE & EVELYN is a company that provides exquisite food and toiletries, offering quirky soap and sponges for children. The animal-
A sponge in shape costs $6;
Soap is $2.
Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland are $75 in total. 50 for Baber. (
1101 Connecticut state Avenue, Northwest, 659-0099;
Georgetown Market House, 3726 Northwest Street, 338-1515;
Tysons point, MacLean, 356-0577;
White Flint, Bethesda, 770-7822;
Columbia Mall 997-7666. )
Of course, you don\'t need to buy handmade holiday gifts for kids.
A cute and simple gift that even a child can make is a bookworm.
Cut our old shirt cardboard into a curved worm shape.
Color it with a marker pen and paint it with stripes, eyes and mouth.
To commemorate the location of a favorite person, his head peeked out of a book.
The idea of pinata ---
Play and rest at a children\'s party ---
Children\'s crafts (from Sunset magazine)
Lane Publishing, 1976)
: Hang a balloon from the rope.
Cover it with multi-layer paper and paste and leave a big hole (
About 6 inch)
Around the rope
After dry (about two days)
, Add the cardboard cone covered with colored paper towels and the tassel wrinkled paper decoration.
Open the balloon and pour all the little toys and good things in. Feliz Navidad --happy holidays!
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