success: real toys spark overseas sales

by:HKKYO     2019-09-02
When Hollywood actress Jessica Alba showed photos of her daughter\'s favorite doll on social media, she said --
Check the Kiwi company Seedling behind the DIY doll kit.
This is the kind of propaganda seedling founder Phoebe Heyman never dreamed of when he created the first toy kit in 2006.
The 34-year-old Hayman, a mother at a game center, is keen to learn the idea of free games and open learning from children in a family setting.
She found a toy market full of plastic fake toys
Superior quality craft kit with contents that do not match the image in front of the box.
Starting with four kits-
Flower seed planting kit, acrylic paint kit, biscuit baking kit and outdoor adventure kit-
She took them to a local market and sold a lot of things.
There was a similar reaction from a toy store nearby.
Everything sold out in a day.
\"It says to me that parents definitely want the same thing as I think, that\'s: Why can\'t we give these kids real things, why do we keep pretending to give them, then wonder why they were disappointed and frustrated with the results.
\"In the six years since then, the company\'s size has doubled every year, and now it has produced hundreds of different kit styles from its East Jade Wood base, of which 75 are sold
Seedling outlets include department stores, Selfridges and John Lewis in the UK, and the beauty of modern art museums in New York, Neiman Marcus and anthropology.
Heyman says the secret to their success is that people see the product and \"get it\" immediately \".
\"It\'s not something we have to explain or try to sell.
\"She even likes luxury goods paid for in NZ dollars.
\"We have some great terms of the deal, which our bank likes very much and people are ready to pay for because they want the product very much.
\"Although the components of the kit are from the product portfolio here and overseas, the design and assembly are done by around 30 employees in Auckland.
This not only gives Heyman the flexibility to conduct small tests on new products
If made in China, the cost is too high.
This also means that you can maintain a keen eye on quality.
\"We are a brand story for us.
We\'re not alone. product, one-trick pony.
It\'s really for us to make sure that quality and innovation are the stories people get when they buy a product.
\"Seedling has its own online and physical retail stores in Remuera, dealing directly with retailers in New Zealand and Australia, and has dealers that take products further.
Hayman has made a lot of inquiries to overseas dealers, but experience tells her to make sure potential partners are up to the job before signing the contract.
Passion is great, but we need infrastructure.
Knowledge, knowledge
Hayman\'s criteria for distributors are how to build close ties with major retailers.
\"It\'s never been more difficult to enter the wholesale/retail market than to go through the GFC,\" she said . \".
\"Retail stores are tough enough that they don\'t want to deal with new distributors and they\'re not interested in trying to build new relationships.
We need to go out and do the work to make sure they are able to get our products the way they are used.
\"With turnover now between $4 million and $5 million, Heyman is preparing to grow seedlings into a global brand.
\"We don\'t just let the market grow.
Hayman said: \"There are about 800 stores in Australia that store seedlings, which shows how well the brand performs when the company deals directly with the market.
In the United States, the toy market is worth $21 billion, of which the share of the handicraft market is $1 billion.
\"We don\'t see any real market leaders who can say they are Lego or Barbie dolls in these markets.
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