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The craft of the New Testament Sunday school helps you to teach the new testament to your child, and I am collecting a huge list of free Sunday School crafts covering many stories and teachings of the New Testament, such as the birth of Jesus (
Christmas crafts
The teaching of Jesus and the miracle of Jesus.
I intend to add more Sunday School crafts on this page, so will be back soon.
You may also be interested in my main day school resource page, which is a portal for hundreds of main day school resources, including coloring pages, crafts, worksheets, etc.
Please note: the inclusion of any site here does not mean that I must agree with the belief of the site.
Before printing printable crafts, you can read any wording on them to see if it is acceptable.
The above picture by jppi morguefileJesus is on bornwww.
Children. com/activity-christmas/1-c-3d-manger-instru. htm(
Make a 3d stand horse slot with baby Jesus.
Templates provided)crafts. kaboose. com/holy-family-picture. html(
The birth of Jesus using popsicles (craft)sticks)www. freeprintable. com/free-printable-church-Worksheets/children-project-names-of-the-lord-christmas-tree-ornaments(
Name of main Christmas decorations
Bright Morning Star, Lamb of God, Lion of Judah, Scepter)www.
Children\'s Bible.
Activities for children. asp(
Make a Baby Jesus scene on a paper tray. )www. first-school.
Ws/activities/Bible/nativity1. htm(
Can print the scene of Jesus\'s birth)www. freeprintable. com/free-printable-church-Worksheets/children-project-for-unto-us-a-child-is-born(
Simple printable Jesus in the manger process)
Here comes the shepherd. squidoo. com/angel-crafts(
Many Angel crafts
Many suitable for children)www. makingfriends.
Com/Bible/natural scene. htm(
Another printable scene of the birth of Jesus)www. colormountain.
Com/print/placemat. php? id=585(
Do an activity where Jesus was born)
Wise men/family entertainment. go. com/crafts/wee-three-kings-669601/ (Three of our kings
Wise man in small bean bag)www. mssscrafts.
Handmade /(
Let three wise men
Printing process)crafts. kaboose. com/popsicle-stick-star-ornament. html(
Making popsicle star ornaments for Wise Men)www. ushistory.
Org/Elizabeth/flagstar. html(Make a 5-
A sharp star)
The adult collection of children\'s Jesus birth crafts and various Jesus birth crafts, from simple children\'s Jesus birth crafts to more complex crafts for adults or older children, such as crochet or cross stitch Jesus birth crafts.
John baptized Jesus. Baptism represents a descent of the holy spirit like a dove, choosing from a variety of pigeon crafts.
John ate locusts and wild honey.
Make some Locust crafts or bee crafts. www. daniellesplace.
The Baptist (
Model John\'s baptism of Jesus and pigeons with a disposable cup)
Link to view the disciples crafts of Jesus in June 2013.
Busy children. com/Fishing-Handprint. html(
\"I will make you a fisherman of man\"
Make handprint fishing rod)www.
Children. com/activities-nt/1-nt-boat-for-jesus-instru. htm(
Make printable boats and people for fishermen disciples)www. allkidsnetwork.
Craft/animal/fish/Magnet-fishing-game. asp (
Do a fishing game with magnetic properties)www. toddler-activities-at-home. com/widows-mite-crafts. html(
Matthew is a tax collector.
Make coin extension or rope purse)
The link checked the Good Samaritan of Jesus\'s metaphor craftsman in June 2013-
Matthew 22, Mark 12, Luke 10www. ehow.
Com/how_4844630 _ good-samaritan-craft. html(
Be a good Samaritan first. aid box)
Mini vault for children. com/ministry-lessons-ideas-
Good Samaritan craft for preschool children)
Prodigal Son (The Lost Son)-Luke 15www. hubpages. com(
Selection of various pig crafts)
The parable of the sow --
Matthew. about. com/od/Seed-
Save/ss/Printable-Seed-Packets_5. htm(
The parable of the sow
Make a seed package)www. kinderart.
Sculpture/pumpkin. shtml(
Pumpkin Seed mosaic)(
Video showing how to make origami birds)www.
Magic learning
Com/Arts & Crafts/flowers/Sun Flower tray /(
Making sunflowers with handprints and sunflower seeds)
Fable of lost sheep
Matthew 18, Luke 15 children\'s sheep crafts (
A variety of sheep crafts)
Fable of lost coins. Create miracles. com/money-box(470290). htm(
Make a cash box)
The parable of talent --Matthew 13www. dltk-bible.
Com/parable_of_talents_craft. htm(
Make coins marked with talent)
The teaching of Jesus in John\'s Well is a female craftsman. gospelhall. org/index. php?
Option = com_docman & task = doc_details & gid = 569 & item id = 65 (
3D model of well.
Jesus was by the well with that woman. living water)
The Lord prayed to Matthew 6suite101.
Printable Lord prayer Angel)www.
Sundayschool crafts.
Com/prayer_chain. html(
Do paper prayer chain)
More sermons about Mount Matthew7www. Christian crafts.
Net/project/suncatcher. htm(
Let your light shine
Paper tray for Sunshine catcher)cciog. Children/children-bible-lessons/let-your-light-shine/(
Matthew 5 make your glow printing process. )
Great committee. Christian crafts.
Net/greatcommissioncraft. htm(
Matthew 28, Mark 16
Great Commission craft with mini printable flag)www. Activity Village. co.
UK/flag_handprint_wreath. htm(
Make flag handprint wreath)
The story of Jesus John. metacafe. com(
I am the light of the world
Make a lighthouse in a bottle)familyfun. go.
I am the Bread of Life
Make bread dough, make your own items)
The biggest commandment Mark 12www. faithfirst.
KidClub/event/g01ch19. html(
Print out the word card, cut it, place it in the correct order, and then decorate it)
The widow\'s wedding. toddler-activities-at-home. com/widows-mite-crafts. html(
Make coin rub or pull rope purse)
Jesus cured the patient. daniellesplace. com(
Jesus treated ten lepers, Luke 17-
Make a sad/happy leper puppet with material clothes.
You can use the pattern of paper dolls on www. makingfriends. com or www. billybear4kids. com)
Jesus has authority over nature. gospelhall. org(
3D models of disciples on board.
Jesus calmed down the storm of Matthew 8 Chapter 4 and Luke 8. www. origami-instructions. com(
Jesus calms the storm
Make an origami boat)www. dltk-bible. com(
Jesus walks on the water)
The miracle of food fish crafts made by Jesus for children (
Five loaves of bread and squid
Jesus feeds 5000 Matthew 14 chapters 6, Luke 9, John 6
Various fish crafts)www. create-kids-crafts. com/(
Jesus feeding 5000
Edible necklace)www.
Busy children. com(
Fish and bread necklaces using macaroni)
Jesus has the right to make demon crafts for children (
Jesus heals demons-
The possessed man sent the devil into a group of pigs: Matthew 8, Mark 5, Luke 8 --
Various pig crafts)
Other Miracle Fish crafts suitable for children (
Temple tax: the coin in the mouth of the fish Matthew 17: 27-
Various fish crafts)
Other events in Jesus\'s life. ehow.
Com/list_6186783 _ Jesus-temple-crafts-kids. html (
Learn a few crafts that Jesus had to do when he was a child in the temple)www. familytrust. org. uk/resources. html(
Scroll down to Spring 2010 [3]
In the first part, click on the number 5 to go to Zacchaeus and climb a tree to see Jesus.
Cutting and pasting process-page 4)
Link check the trial and crucifixion of Jesus on October 2013-
Easter crafts. blogspot. com(
Salt dough crown with thorns)webspace. webring. com(
Woven crown with palm leaves)www.
Jewelry making.
Comjanuary2005_pear_cross. html(
Pearl cross of fish line and beads)www.
School for children. com(Cross of palm leaves)webspace. webring. com(
Simple cross made of palm leaves)
Resurrection of Jesus
Easter craftsfirst-school. ws(
He is the process of rising stained glass windows)www.
Christian crafters. com(
Jesus raised from the dead
Printable process using disposable cups)www. colormountain. com(
Do the activity resurrection mat)
Please feel free to leave feedback on the links to the March 2013 check, including links to more Sunday School crafts, or let me know if any links are broken.
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