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Swords blood donor clinic: Wednesday, November 27, 2014 and Thursday ).
From three o\'clock P. M. to five o\'clock P. M. and from seven o\'clock P. M. to nine o\'clock P. M. , at the GAA club in Fingallian, the illegal Memorial section, sword (
Outside the Estuary).
By donating blood regularly, help ensure basic blood supply and availability at any time.
Donation line: 1850 731 137.
Sword voice 21 in the series is now available at XL news agency, Avenue, Spar, sword Manor and sword museum in North St
There is also a return number.
Great reading for 5 euros. 00.
Stories of ratsomale, Malawi Road, Black Bridge, etc.
Phone: 8400080 mail: swordsheritage @ gmail. com www. swordsheritage.
Comwords MEALS on Wheels are looking for van drivers.
The role is entirely voluntary.
Please contact Paul McCormack at PH: 085 7232825. Joseph died recently (Joe)
Allock, sword, Dublin Road.
A fire brigade of the Alshan Rianta and sword of an old knife family employee.
Express sincere condolences to his family and friends.
His funeral is in St.
On Tuesday, November 11, the colmere cemetery.
The person of the year congratulated Ronnie Delaney on his service to the ballbyoughal community.
The Fingel County Council award is held in Driocht, brancarstown, along with the mayor of Fingel Cllr Mags.
Fcc ceo Paul Reid and MC Mary Kennedy
All the people present had an exciting evening.
The Boys of St. colmere can see images of the Sword released on the fifth day at Carnegie Court;
Schools on Foster Road and local research libraries. .
Photos of Old and new swords are shown.
But in the Holy
A school of boys in colmere and a study of the fenghel place on Foster Road.
The local history has no excuse but to learn more about your local area.
Fenghor Heritage Network, by fenghor company.
The council covers approximately 12 local historical groups from Balbriggan to Blanchardstown. Email.
@ Gmail.
Bereavement support group (Swords Parish)-
The meeting was held in St.
Coldwell parish office, parish residence, Seattle Road, sword.
Please pay attention to the new time of 7. 30 pm to 8.
The second and last Monday of each month is 30 pm.
If you suffer a loss from a bereavement, you are welcome to attend the meeting.
Members of Bethany were trained to listen and help people understand and receive losses.
Informal meetings;
Group support or-to-one basis.
For more information, please call (after 6 pm)
Terri 8403243, Brid 086 6006397, Mary 8402652, or Mary 8403266.
This service is free and confidential and is available to all Fingal residents.
Battle of Brian borouim and clone Taff
A graphic novel about combat stories, beautifully crafted locally.
It\'s also a version of Ireland.
Levins Print PH: More details of the 8902055 Lions Club sword Lions Club are all about giving back to their community.
Its motto is \"We Serve \".
The group meets at eight o\'clock P. M. on the second Monday of each month at the maldelon Hotel Dublin airport.
The most popular new member.
If you are interested in joining, or would like to know more details, please contact Morris Kelly on 086 8305917 or Marion Conelli on 087 9687903.
Volunteers are needed.
Bethany Bereavement support group in Colmcille Parish seeks new members.
Are you a good listener? Do you want to help people who have lost their loved ones? Comprehensive training will be given to professionals.
Query to Terri 8403243 or Sr. Mary (5-7pm)8404323.
If you want to go back to your roots in the fenghal area, why not visit the center of the North St. Carnegie Library, Swords.
Open from one o\'clock P. M. to 4 on weekdays. 30 pm.
Various local resources available for research.
Mobile phone 8400080 Email: from yingalgenealogy @ gmail. com. www. Rootsireland. ie www. swordsheritage.
Pre-National commodity organizationServicemen, Fr.
The James Gilmore branch is in St. on the first Tuesday of each month.
Paul\'s restaurant on Greyfield Avenue
08:05 in Artane, Dublin. 00pm.
Chairman of the board of directors: Delio Hara Tel 086 8444600;
Secretary Sean Sinas, Ph: 086 3619167, John Whelan 087 9611945, treasurer.
New members are welcome.
Welcome to the Irish language Mass at 11: 00. m.
Visits to the church every Sunday, Drynam, Kinsaley.
Christening ceremony at the Church of St. colmere
Change of reservation baptism arrangement: parents who require baptism for their children should call the parish office at No. 42 North Street to fill out the baptism registration form.
Please bring your baby\'s birth certificate.
Monday to Friday is the parish office hours. 15a. m to 12.
From two o\'clock P. M. to 4: 30 and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. m.
Church rentals and conference rooms in the parish center of San Columba are limited.
Email: from oldboroughschool @ gmail.
The East Coast Toastmasters take turns at the airport\'s premier hotel every Tuesday.
Why not look at their website if you want to improve your speaking skills: www.
East Coast lecturecom.
Now the group is singing on the new Saturday night.
The vigil mass of the Church of Saint coir (
3 Saturdays a month).
They eagerly invited musicians and singers to join the songs.
Contact Zita at 087 6240608 or meet with the group after Mass.
Irish dance master Griffin, TGRG of St. colmere GAA, sword.
The hand dance class started on Wednesday, May 4. 30 p. m. to 10. 00 p. m.
Phone 087 9549066 FINGAL boxing club is now training on Thursday from the 7 thm. to 8.
At the Valley Community Center on Thursday afternoon, sword.
For details, please call 8401065 (Mick Farrell).
Adult CEILI classsesat Scoil a duinnberg, Kinsealy, sword. Mondays 8.
Beginners are welcome to arrive at ten o\'clock P. M.
Phone 087 9549066
As but Gaeilge AIFREANN: Ceilliurfar Aifreann but Gaeilge like me Seipeal na Cuairte Naofa, I n Drinean gach Domhnach seo amac is executed by girls in a block.
Irish mass will be held at the visiting church, and Drynam will be held at 11: 00 every Sunday. m.
Realize support through depression.
Volunteers play a real role in the lives of others, providing important information and emotional support.
If you would like to know more, please contact John Bennett, volunteer support officer, who knows Ph: 6617211 Email: johnbennett @ Aware.
Consulting services at the base.
Do you need help in situations of depression, anxiety, difficult relationships or any life crisis?
Scenes for adults in Brackenstown)
Reservation phone number: 8902596 10. m.
Leave a message until one o\'clock P. M. or at any time.
Your phone will be returned.
Charity shops in Riverside Mall (
Owl opposite)
Clothing donation, BRICa-
Gratefully accepted brac, books, etc.
On Tuesday, November 25, all proceeds were used to help the national blind telephone Commission 087 1394347 Balbriggan spend the festive FrolicsGirls \'Night at the Bracken Court Hotel in Balbriggan. 30 p. m.
With the help of St. George\'s Church Balbriggan. Tickets €10.
\"James\" will feature Christmas table and Christmas tree decorations.
The decor kit will be available in the evening, along with an exciting manual selectioncrafted gifts.
In the evening, a lucky draw will also be held, and a glass of hot wine will be provided free of charge when entering the venue.
For more information, please contact Irene at 085 7565438.
Christmas lights will turn on at 7: 00 Thursday, November 27. 00 p. m.
Santa Claus goes to the square every year. there are street performances, music and so on.
The children are invited to the competition to turn on the Balbriggan Christmas lights.
Entry forms can be obtained and returned from Balbriggan City Hall by November 27.
Bingo at 8 every Wednesday night. 45 p. m.
At the O\'Dwyers GAA club in Balbriggan, Bremore, where you can get the grand prize.
Everyone is welcome to come together.
O\'Dwyers GAA Club will hold annual mass for all deceased members on Saturday, November 29 at St. patter and Paul\'s Church in Balbriggan. 30 p. m.
Everyone is welcome.
O\'Dwyers GAA Club Christmas dinner will be held on Friday, December 12 at the Bremore Club in Balbriggan.
Music from Martin Bourne
For more details, please contact Freda Smith 086-3249476.
The craft and food fair will be held on Sunday at the Fleming community center. 00 to 4. 00 p. m.
Come and taste the delicious taste of the stalls selling crafts, gifts and handmade food.
Local producers will showcase their best work.
There will also be wonderful lottery prizes.
Tickets for 2 euros, free pick-up and drop-off for children, plenty of free parking.
The event was to help Balbriggan Educate the NS Parents\' Association together.
On Sunday, November 30, senior civic groups Society Sunday will be held in the high street senior Civic Hall. 00 p. m.
All people over the age of 60 are welcome.
The annual Christmas party for Balbriggan seniors aged 66 or older will be held at 4: 00 on Sunday, December 14. 45 p. m.
Blakon Court Hotel in balburgan.
Tickets are 15 euros each.
Those who are interested in attending should contact any committee or call 086 3234590, 086 3724646 or 8412745 by Sunday, December 7, as reservations need to be made in advance.
Balbriggan senior citizens group invites all senior citizens over the age of 60 to attend
Senior Citizen Hall in high street, any working day morning starting at 10. 00 a. m. -
Chat at 12 noon, drink tea, read newspapers, watch TV, or enjoy any activities held in the center.
Balbriggan senior citizen groups hold bingo games in the senior citizen Hall on the 8 th of each week. 30 p. m.
You don\'t have to be an elderly person to play bingo.
The Historical society Balbriggan & Historical Society will hold its annual general meeting at City Hall Balbriggan on Wednesday, November 26 at 8: 00. 00 p. m.
All members are requested to review 2014 together in the evening and plan for the coming year.
Ccebalbrigan cómhaltas ceoltóiri Éireann\'s ccebalbrigan branch is in Glebe, balbrigan, every Wednesday.
The children started blowing tin whistle on the 7 th. 00 p. m.
The second is the adult tin whistle on the 7 th. 30 p. m.
Dance class at 830 -10. 00 p. m.
New members are welcome.
Cómhaltas ceoltóiri Éireann\'s monthly Balbriggan division is held on Wednesday, December 3 at Glebe North FC, Green Club market, Balbriggan00 p. m to midnight.
The music of sellie time.
Everyone is welcome.
Starting at 10 on Saturday, the meal on the wheels will be held at the Christmas fair. 00 a. m. to 1. 00 p. m.
At 14 Hampton Street, Balbriggan, you are welcome to join us.
If someone has unwanted gifts, Christmas decorations and toys/gifts in good condition and they want to donate for this Christmas fundraiser, they can be thrown into the kitchen on Hampton Street, between Monday and Saturday00 a. m. -1. 00 p. m. .
Thank you very much for all your support for this very valuable event.
Table quizbalbrigan Cricket Club will hold a general knowledge table quiz at the balbrigan Milestone Hotel starting at 8 on Friday. 00 p. m. sharp. €10.
4 tables per person.
The new outdoor facilities at Balbriggan Cricket Club will benefit you.
Arts and Crafts Fair is invited to attend the Christmas arts and crafts fair in the small theater, Skerries to help Skerries day --
Friday, December 5, at 10. 30 a. m. to 4. 00 p. m.
All traditional stalls and monster raffle.
Have a glass of hot wine and minced meat pie.
White elephant stands welcome donations of resalable items, the day will come
Christmas party and Christmas present.
Please contact Irene at 085 7565438.
Please support this valuable event and your help if you have time.
Christmas FairGaelscoil Bhaile brigín holds the execution of their Christmas Fair on Sunday, December 14. 00 a. m. to 4. 00 p. m.
There will be various stalls with lots of ideas for Christmas gifts.
Crafts, knitting, quilting, beauty products, Christmas decorations and table center, lots of Christmas baking, jewelry and more!
There will be hot drinks on the same day, and there will be a grand Christmas lottery. of course, Santa Claus himself will also attend.
Free admission.
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