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by:HKKYO     2019-08-29
After budget cuts, a teenage girl in California canceled the art program
Considered one of the most dazzling stars in the art field
Found a way to return the art education, the result is really beautiful.
Tracy Smith, CBS News reporter.
Alexandra Nechita appeared on the CBS news show on Sunday morning, 1995, and she is a lovely, precocious, talented person. year-old.
In one of her exhibitions, it was hard to believe that the vibrant abstract painting style came from such a young person.
At the time, a gallery visitor said, \"I was wondering what she would do when she was 19?
CBS News polls show a massive blackout in controversial police videos.
Alexandra, 17, will start college in the fall.
She is still creating art to help new artists.
Alexandra was shocked when California\'s school art program was cut.
She recalled, \"the canvas was taken away, the brush was taken away, the paint was taken away, crayons, paper, all of this.
\"So, she started filling boxes with art supplies and donating them to the school for free.
Alexandra said, \"it\'s such a great and huge project, but the idea is so simple, it\'s just boxes and supplies, you take them with you and use them as you like.
She called it the art in the box.
She paid for it.
\"It\'s all me so far,\" she said . \".
The project has gone beyond the California border: last week she donated a lot of supplies to children in New York City.
Harriet taurb, director of art materials, said, \"We are excited about Alexandra\'s donation because it means that a lot of students will get materials that they won\'t get before because their school can\'t afford it.
\"The New York City school district invited a group of children to test drive with their new art supplies, and Alexandra encouraged them to start painting with temperament.
In fact, it will take a while for inspiration to begin.
Not long after, the whole class was drawing a storm.
Or cloud.
Everything is fine.
Some are really good.
We can say that some of these products are more marketable: Alexandra\'s work usually costs £ 20.
But when it comes to the project, she is not involved for money.
She said, \"I don\'t want to say that I am an encouragement to young people, but I think when someone sees another young person doing something and making a change, and the whole idea that a person can do something that is bound to happen in life.
\"So far, Alexandra has put about $40,000 into the project.
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