the 12 days of christmas giving

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Who are they: Agape Table Inc.
What do they do: feed about 250 people every working day.
The agency runs
In addition to the nutrition program for preschool children, The Age morning meal program-aged kids.
The Agape table for the kids is an hour-
There is an afternoon long term education program every week, after which families can take home a week\'s food supply according to the criteria in the Canadian Food Guide.
Except for food-
Agape Table also organizes arts, crafts and music activities.
Their Christmas wish: As of the end of November, only one of the children\'s Agape tables had been raised --
Third, just over $12,000, which is $36,500 for this year\'s budget.
So far, food on the project has cost about $30,000.
While the overall budget for Agape Table helps to maintain account balance, the organization is working to meet the needs of its children\'s programs.
In Agape\'s own words: \"We strive to make it a quality community time,\" said Mark Courtney, general manager.
How to Help: call 783-
6369, mail is generally @ agapetable.
Ca or 175 colony St.
Agape accepts money donations and miscellaneous items including business
Canned food, pasta, winter socks and boots, art and music products of the size of the purchase.
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