the 20 best toys for kids that aren’t really toys

by:HKKYO     2019-08-24
We have all heard this story.
Even witnessed
It was a pleasure to give a child a beautiful toy but to see that they spent hours playing with boxes, packing peanuts in boxes or leftover packaging paper tubes.
Of course, the story is interesting, but it contains an undeniable fact: children don\'t need much fun, and the best toys are often not real toys at all.
With so many family items, kids can take up their own hours with a little creativity and imagination.
Who among us didn\'t spend an afternoon with a tissue tube or a giant paper clip ring?
How about blankets and cartons?
Of course, not all household items are equal, which is why we put together this official ranking of the best toys that are not toys.
Some are classic (Bubble Bag);
Others are surprises (the phone case! ).
All of this can be used in many ways and provide hours of inspiration fun.
So, there are 20 best toys, not toys. 20.
In fact: It\'s an era to put things in other things.
This is the old pastime of the children, which makes these containers full of clothes a victory.
But they\'re far more than containers.
Throw some change there, one child has oneshift maraca.
Poke some holes in the lid and you have a safe space for a caught bug.
When it comes to the lid, it becomes a mass --able Frisbee. 19.
A roll of TapeSure tape itself can be used from laying temporary roads for Matchbox cars or jumping House courses to playing fun tic-tac-Toe or that age.
Classic old tapeon-the-face.
But even if it\'s not for sticky purposes, a roll of tape is a fun entertainment partner.
It can roll on the floor.
It can be worn as a wristband.
Its center hole means that it can be used as a target that can throw objects in. 18.
Is there a kid on the IPhone who wants to play with the phone?
Give them a spare box so they can answer the phone without leaving your lifeline on everything. 17.
Rolling chair with wheels?
What kind of child did not look at one and came up with 1,000 ideas?
Race against each other in the hall.
Silly spin yourself
Let A Child sit inside and close his eyes, then lean back and shake it to simulate space launch.
It\'s a good time to simply fill it up and push it over. 16.
The classic container egg roll is easily turned into an area suitable for a variety of children\'s activities.
Sort shapes and colors.
Use it as a palette of paint.
Play the game by numbering the container.
Separate each container and place a flag in one container where you have a small fortress for action characters to play.
Separate the pairs of the two containers and flip them over and you have a pair of eyes that you can draw in any color.
The use is near-endless. 15.
One of three things happens when the kitchen potty gives a child a kitchen pot: they put it on their head (
Processing backwards of course)
, Place it on the ground, start throwing things inside, or flip it over and beat it with a stick or spoon.
All of this is an interesting way to waste time.
Is there a child?
Place two jars side by side, fill one water and give your child a spoon or cup.
Moving water from one boat to another is an explosion for a toddler. 14. Bubble WrapPop-pop. Pop-pop-pop. Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop.
Whether you are an adult or a child, there are very few things that can be as satisfying as going to town with your hands or feet and wrapping with foam.
In addition to bursting, this plastic is perfect for wrapping it with hands or feet and placing some (supervised)
Turn over with cars, trucks and other toys.
This is also a very top notch.
The gap craft supply, which is able to increase the texture, everything becomes popular from painting items to game boards. 13.
A bucket of ice contains the idea of an afternoon worth playing.
Use them as building blocks and make sculptures. Make large-
Fill Tupperware with water and freeze and teach the children (carefully)
Their chips make the design.
Treat small ice cubes like ice hockey, slide over the table and score points in obstacles.
Squeezing ice until it melts is an interesting pastime. 12.
Metal spoon, spoon
What can\'t you do?
Breathe on it and stick it on your nose.
Throw, ejection.
Pretend to be a microphone for singing games.
Make a drum stick with it.
Fill a bowl with something that makes the kit stir wildly.
Do you know how interesting it is to stir? 11.
The plastic spray pot pouring all kinds of things out of the spray pot is an explosion for the children, so the purpose of using it for reservation is itself a game.
But pour it over and make it look like a helmet.
So find a high
My branch, see who can get rid of the jar so that its handle is hooked.
Inevitably, they throw things at it and knock it down from its habitat. 10.
The StrawBlow threw up the ball. Make music.
Hold one end and carry liquid.
Tie them to the knot and create animals, structures, or many-
Limb creature.
Tie a bunch of things together. to-
Finally, you have a complex plumbing system through which you can deliver all kinds of substances and toys from one end of the House to the other.
Fix a string of different lengths of flute side by side and you have a pan flute (ish)instrument.
Oh, yes, you can go through them too. 9.
The empty oatmeal container is, yes, from space helmets to trendy shoes, an arsenal of art projects that can be made with a cardboard cartridge.
It is also a storage container, a target, a drum, a castle tower, a rocking bed and a stool (sort of).
The bottom is cut off, which is a big tunnel that a toy can go through.
It cuts out the shape on the side and inserts a flashlight at one end, a temporary planetarium. 8.
Are there any household items that are more suitable for children\'s imagination?
Play cat\'s cradle.
Practice sliding knots.
Set up obstacle courses. Set up a tin-
Can telephone system
Hang things from the door handle and swing back and forth. Make bracelets.
Make beautiful hair.
Just turn it around the ball or the toy. 7.
The twisted TieIt sealed the bag tightly and the cat was occupied for several hours.
But it\'s also a toy.
With one, the kids can wrap them together to form a great digital Camp, write down their names, or any number of creative projects.
They can use them to add talent and functionality to dolls or action characters.
Hell, it\'s fun to chain things together with a bunch of things.
It\'s fun to play. Very fun. 6.
Once the bounty runs out, there are plenty of options for paper towels to choose how to handle this tough tube. Make art. Blow bubbles.
Wave it like a sword.
Unlock it and create a temporary double stick.
Rolling quarters, cars, and other items can be sent through an extreme drop-down menu.
Look through it like a telescope.
Stick a few of them strategically to the wall and you can shoot them temporarily in marble.
Cut them into small cylinders, draw shapes on them, and create a fun match game.
Choices are endless. 5.
Paper clips are cropped and available in various sizes, and paper clips can be turned into almost anything with a few bends. Make animals.
Make bracelets and necklaces.
Mark the book page on the book.
Fix a bunch of things together to form long, rocking, hangingable, drape-able chains.
Pop them off the table.
Just put together a bunch of things to have a good time. 4.
It is a cloak, a cloak, a skirt.
This is a cave, a gateway to the Magic Kingdom, a comfortable reading tent.
Laid on the floor, this is a magic carpet, a drag
Able sled, perfect tea party space.
Grab the corner and be pulled tight by a pair or more, bouncing toys and stuffed animals is a fun, stretchy waterproof cloth. 3.
Are there any better rough tools than pillows? We think not.
Not only can it be used as a weapon, it can also be tied to the armor of the knee and chest.
Outside the arena, a pile of pillows was certainly great for the fort. building.
They are also useful for impromptu games.
There\'s a lot of space on the floor and you have a jump
Obstacle course-
Or a bunch of islands you have to jump on.
Also, there\'s nothing more fun than making a pile of pillows, trying to scale the pillows and rolling down.
They are also suitable to continue. 2.
The wrapping paper is an oversized version of the tissue tube.
It\'s thicker and more interesting.
For batting exercises (outside).
Make huge tubes and tunnels with it.
Practice some skills of bow staff.
Put a piece of paper on it, it\'s a trip
Sticky animals
Put it between two chairs, it\'s a limbo employee, or a bridge where a toy can go through. Make a gravity-
Fed shooting system for toys.
Build a fort with a group of them. 1.
The most legendary household goods have cartons. what can\'t be done with boxes? Hide in it. Draw on it.
Turn it into a spaceship.
Turn it into a house.
Climb in and scare your brother, cousin or dad. Craft tunnels.
Make a toy house. Make a castle. Make a car. Is it a boat? Sure!
The beauty of the corrugated box is that it can be anything a child wants.
It is big enough that almost every activity can be shaped and is the most popular non-
There are toys.
For kids who are not real toys, 20 of the best toys appear first on the father\'s body.
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