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Every year, some games become a hot topic on the playground.
Of course, these features are well-known favorites like Fortnite, as well as regularly updated franchises like FIFA.
But there are so many games every year, and besides these favorites, it\'s hard to find really great games for your family.
Here are our amazing game guides for this year in each PEGI age rating so you can find the right game for your child.
This is a mini puzzle.
The role of game challenge and joy will be enjoyed by the whole family.
It is played via a smartphone on the PS4 without the need for a controller.
This means that it is easier for up to four players to enjoy the chaos.
It uses the functions of smart phone screen and tilt control to expand the fun in new directions.
This game and other game link titles for PS4 are a great and unique way for families to play together on the system.
The Switch version of this popular Wii game continues the theme of multiple mini games
The game is set to explore the world at the resort.
The short Challenge itself matches for young players, but it\'s an open world exploration with a maximum of four players, which makes the family very interesting.
This series of games takes a realistic racing simulation of Forza and places it in a world of open race and beautiful scenery.
Although the early version of this game still offers a lot of enjoyment (
Cheaper Now)
, The latest update will look the best and provide realistic weather and daytime-night cycles.
Horizon 4 also takes us to the streets and countryside of England.
With 450 cars, everyone in the family has something from children to teenagers and parents.
Come switch this year, the tricky Tower is the perfect choice for families.
It brought back the Tetris game.
Parents who play may remember from a wasted youth, but in reality it is addedtime physics.
Without the walls of the \"well\" play area, players must balance their tetrimo tower to avoid them falling down.
Up to four player battle and puzzle modes are suitable for different abilities in the home.
This beautiful underground traffic simulator has been released on PC and smartphone for a while.
It began to change this year.
In the game, your mission is to design an elegant and efficient subway line to transport more and more passengers.
The game is doing so well is a combination of simplicity and strategy.
It\'s easy to see what\'s going on and if you\'re new to the game then it\'s not that scary to play.
But don\'t make mistakes, do well in the game (
And develop daily challenge charts)
Lots of skills and practice are required.
There are a lot of options for Mario games this year.
While older players will love the 2017 Mario Odyssey and racing fans may choose the Mario Kart 8 luxury car, Mario\'s new tennis game is best for family players.
As a variety of Nintendo characters, the game is full of fun and competition.
However, this is a four-player doubles model that makes it a real classic through a combination of special movements and tennis strategies.
Released at the beginning of the year, this collection brings together a variety of customized and rewarding content.
The game sounds like a mismatch between football and racing, but the result is a multiplayer sport that requires real skills and practice.
Perfect for family throwingdowns.
Following the initial success, this follow-up expanded the culinary challenges and levels.
The premise that up to four players offer a variety of dishes together is the same.
It\'s basically a puzzle game, but it\'s easy to get in and understand.
Young players may need some help from time to time, but visually it will appeal to players of all ages.
This game is coming soon, it lays the foundation for toysto-
Live games like Skylanders and Lego Dimensions to get them to work in a story --
Space Battle adventure.
It combines open world exploration and feeder missions with narratives that take you to different worlds.
The toy itself is also more powerful than the previous toy. Game crossover.
You can add wings and weapons to each game and immediately see them appear in the game.
It\'s fun for young people, but the game also has enough depth for older players.
In addition to that, the special Starfox characters and adventures on the Switch version will look like the first step in the toy --to-
Life type from Ubisoft.
Another trip for parents in memory lane, but one that can introduce the fun of fire to new players --
The originator of the Skylan series-breathing dragon Spyro.
It will include the first three titles of the Sypro series, new visuals and improved controls.
The genius here is how close the game is to the original platform experience.
Spyro will be released on November 13, but the accident happened in Bandicoot N.
Sane triology offers a similar update product for classic Crash games.
Gamecube Luigi\'s Mansion game promises to be a portable gem when this conversion arrives in October 2018.
This will be the second Luigi Mansion game on the portable system.
Both titles provide great puzzle challenges for young people while still needing some thoughtful games
Interest adults.
If you like this conversion, it\'s worth it to go back to the previous game, which also includes a family-friendly four-player game mode.
Subnautica is an open underwater survival game.
When you explore the ocean, you collect resources and make underwater robots to survive.
It has been around for a while, but this year saw a full release in January.
It combines the wonders of deep sea exploration and
Deep World construction and ongoing stories.
This is a great and unique experience for young explorers or diving enthusiasts.
There are already many of these cardboard craft kits for switches this year, but the vehicle kit adds the most suitable game --Play on set.
Make steering wheels, accelerators, and other items with slots in cardboard, switches, and controllers, and you can start a series of vehicle adventures.
Young children do need some help with assembly, which works best when families are united.
But as a way to expand the game beyond the screen and explore new ways to use switches, this is a popular innovative game for families.
Sandbox atech is a Sandbox vehicle combat game.
Players make devices and vehicles with a wide variety of swap parts.
The care and attention to design can lead to different vehicles and different performance.
It\'s been on PC for a while, but came to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year.
The vehicle building system and the resulting battles are the biggest attraction for young engineers, but also interesting.
If you buy a switch this year, you may have missed this round of combat games in 2017.
This year, it is refreshed with King Kong adventure games.
This adds a new story, character, and environment to the battle.
By combining the appropriate strategic battles, this game is very effective for families (
As we can see in the XCOM series)
Classic Nintendo characters.
The whole demo process is great to make this game a game that no family should miss-
This has been especially true since joining the multiplayer battle.
Yokosushima Express is a combination of platter and pinball.
This is an unusual game mechanism, but what really stands out is the characters and stories of this lovely adventure.
You control the yok dung beetle Crosswood, who works as a postman on mokumana Island.
You soon joined the ranks of saving the world.
We have new Lego video games every year.
Lego Superman is a special one.
The title of family.
It includes not only the characters and stories in the new movie, but also goes back to the original movie and saves Pixar archives for a variety of classic characters.
Do you want to work together on this story?
Op mode, or play multiple times to find each unlocked game, which is of great value to players of all ages.
Fossil hunter is a game of four players looking for fossils.
This is a combination of exploration, discovery, and assembly that works well for young exploration minds.
The best thing, however, is the modular building system that allows you to build dinosaurs as you like.
The whole game feels great to play and having four players means everyone can work together to find the most fossils.
Towerfall is another game that has been around for a while, but the 2018 switch version has a twist that makes it perfect for big families --6 player mode.
This game is a single screen action battle game where you can shoot different types of arrows from each other.
This is a beautiful knife.
Edge balance of riskreward.
Use only one happiness per player
Con half, so you can play with 6 people with three separate controllers.
This takes the game to another level and becomes a rare category of titles that can accommodate families of three or four children.
It\'s an unusual epic game when it\'s released on the ps3.
This year\'s PS4 version not only updates the visual effects of the game, but also allows a new generation of gamers to enjoy the scale of exploration and combat in the game.
The player\'s mission is to hunt down huge ancient monsters.
The unfolding content does include killing these beasts, but tells as many stories as other games usually have power fantasies.
For this reason, although it\'s a single player, it\'s a great game for families. This is a role-
Play games in different ways.
Not only is the visual effect a combination of vintage and modern, it also offers eight different stories.
In a family, this provides a wide range of scenarios for different people.
This also raises some interesting topics for teenagers, except for the usual acquisition --
Mission and revenge.
When multiple people play on the same system, it\'s fascinating to see how their journey unfolds in a different way.
This series of fighting games was very popular in the previous Nintendo system.
It combines a vigorous knife.
Have fun with a huge case of Nintendo characters and battle with frivolous edges.
This switching version, which will be launched in December, promises to continue this tradition and will be a great pleasure for families.
It expanded the number of players to 8 and added many new characters.
This should be on your Christmas list if you have a switch and there are additional controllers so everyone can play. This is an open
Pirates of the world adventure game.
Other ships in the game are controlled by other players.
In order to drive your own boat, you can play a different role with others.
With this productionyou-own-
The interesting aspects of the game are tasks and storylines.
This game is well supported in continuous content updates and is a great experience for families with teenagers.
While the game has been released on other systems for some time, the Android and iOS versions launched this year offer new ways to play the game.
There you are thrown on an island, working with creatures and dinosaurs, with only the essential elements of survival.
Open world games allow you to collect, make and build structures for survival.
It requires this basic Minecraft premise, but adds real physical and realistic visuals.
This is a hand-painted character.
Play the game that started with Ni no Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch.
We played a young king who was kicked out of the castle and had to re-
Establish a new kingdom.
There is a free element
Roaming, but the place where the game is really good at is to provide a story of an attractive character.
This is the highest quality for a family that wants to share an adventure or a teenager who wants a unique experience.
The first person shooter has been very popular since its launch.
The legendary version integrates the previous content into a package.
Games for teenagers-
Friendly shooting and fighting are still fun in arena battles.
The range of roles and skills you need to do your job well makes the online experience great.
This PEGI level 16 game is especially worth mentioning because it will also attract young teenagers.
While parents should first check the \"moderate violence\" of the game, families who love spiders --
This impressive experience will satisfy people.
Not only is this an original story, the mechanics of the game, the fighting and the interaction are fantastic.
With a rating of 13 people in the United States, close-up combat describes the moment of bloodshed and injury, but it is a very high moment
The game of octaane shared.
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