the call of craft!

by:HKKYO     2019-08-31
10-year-old Varun and his friends sat down on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a bag of fluorescent green and yellow wires in their hands, and they looked and sought out the old age of a patch woven with sunlight
Friends of boys and girls are surfing the Internet looking for new designs.
There is a gentle silence when they twist and turn harmless wires to make DNA chains, insects, and bright key chains.
These wires cost anywhere between Rs. 35 and Rs.
50 packs for general and multiple packagescolour options.
Just spend pocket money. V.
Meena, who teaches craft at Avila mhs, said these Scooby wires are popular among children of all ages.
\"Everyone seems to be making small things with wires,\" she said . \".
Since Karthigai is about to start, can the lights be far away?
Especially decorative lights.
That\'s what many girls do.
Buy regular Earth lights and decorate them with Kundan, chamki and everything else that glitters, says Meena.
A few years ago it looked like a craft sitting in the back seat and everything was arranged for a quiet funeral.
The children are fascinated by technology.
Now, interesting new
Age crafts attract kids and how to attract them!
Amaya\'s Simran Wahan, who teaches children\'s craft, says that children can make beautiful things out of waste if they are interested.
For example, a paper towel doll (see pic)
Made of a roll of used toilet paper.
All it needs is imagination and some basic craft materials to transform it into works of art.
Or a bumblebee!
Now paper quilling has been around for a few years, but the kids are not really tired of it.
They still use roll paper to make cute animals and paper jewelry that looks fragile.
The ball pick-up pen, cutter and paper machine continue to be purchased with fine cut notes. The best part?
This is not a very expensive craft.
All you need is a sheet of about rupees.
100, a pair of scissors, some glue, patience and a lot of creativity.
Kids can also use foam and felt to unleash their artistic abilities, Simran said.
They can cut patterns with punching machines, stick them on paper, and make colorful trees (see pic)
Or cut the sheets into whatever design they want.
\"Learning is not very difficult (even four-year-olds can do it)
This is not a messy craft.
\"Encourage your child to learn this,\" she said . \".
Other popular craft options are color magnets made using salt dough or clay.
Or, off-the-shelf masks.
Or jewelry.
None of these kits are more expensive than Rs. 200.
Also, there are most stationery shops or hobby shops nearby.
You can check out Mumbai novelty store in R. S. Puram.
For parents, these hand-made kits are a step back in their childhood, with no TV or gadgets.
They can show off.
Products of these process meetings.
All the keys in my house are now on neon lights.
Yes, I can put my son\'s hand on.
Earrings, all-in-one-matching!
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