this l.a. designer is putting an elegant spin on the diy craft of marbling

by:HKKYO     2019-08-19
The first is maclame, followed by ceramics, indigo dyeing and quilting.
Los Angeles designer Page Cleveland is reliving another DIY craft tradition: hand-made
Paint marble patterns.
In this delicate process, the paint floats in the liquid.
The artist then uses the surface tension of the paint to keep them unique in color, but then spreads to engage.
Then, place a piece of paper or textile gently and quickly on the top of the bathtub for a design transfer.
Cleveland recalls the first time she saw the marble pattern shown by Ventura.
Artist Jim Anderson, as part of the continuing education course at Otis College of Art and Design, registered the course during the professional soul periodsearching.
\"It happened,\" Cleveland said . \"
Creative lightning always made her think, \"I have to figure it out.
It needs to evolve and has new needs. \"Cleveland —
Who was the graphic designer in the fashion industry and museum exhibitions?
Start trying to apply time-
Textile Technology in printing, pattern and color.
Since then, she has introduced a range of household goods and personal accessories under the rules of the three brands.
Seat pou, silk pillow, lampshade, eye pillow and super sail Bhutto reflect Cleveland\'s mastery of the process, strict color scheme and understanding of the scale. \"I used [classic]
Cleveland explained: \"technology, but in a very different way, complex, more
Step marble method.
Retailers include Barneys, Nickey Kehoe, Hammer and Spear, as well as interior design customers working with Cleveland to customize panels to accommodate projects such as wallpaper and window handling.
Cleveland is also practicing the traditional Japanese death of shibori, a tie. dye treatment.
Cleveland aims to keep all aspects of the three rules as possible based on her experience in Los AngelesA.
She is a textile contractor who has worked in Juicy Couture for many years.
She says an artist and a place can help inspire every new design (
Recent examples are Cy Twombly and New Orleans)
She then chose a color way to guide the color combination.
Her craft cleverly balances the predictability of deliberately engaging with paint floating in a sticky bath when these elements come into contact with a blank surface.
No two results are exactly the same.
\"It\'s a very organic thing,\" she said, and this aesthetic result can evoke the image of the paper and book art created during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy, while adding a calm, -contemporary feelingthe-Instant settings.
Here, Cleveland exclusively shows how she creates marble textiles on Rube Goldberg
The esque installation she built
Precision is the key.
\"Everything has its place.
\"It will become elegant and then very dirty,\" she said . \". home@latimes.
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