tips for using homebuilt aircraft kits

by:HKKYO     2019-08-27
It\'s fun and rewarding to use a homemade airplane kit to build your own aircraft, but it\'s still an immortal project that you can\'t easily take on.
To make sure a project is successfully completed, you have to make sure you are really prepared.
Here are some basic things you can do to prepare and plan your project.
The first thing you should do when using a homemade airplane kit is to build a building log.
Here you will keep track of all your notes and information throughout the process.
There are three different reasons for this: 1.
To prove that you are responsible for building at least 51% of the aircraft, you need these documents.
This is necessary in order to obtain an amateur building certificate. 2.
For insurance reasons or resale reasons, it can be used to prove the value of the aircraft. 3.
It\'s useful to keep track of where you are in your project, and you can also compare notes to other builders.
When you make the builder log, there is not a correct format to use.
As long as you have enough space to receive, the picture of the part you have completed, the welding sample, the glue joint, a typical 3-ring adhesive is OK, and the date you work on this project.
One of the most important things you should keep track of when using a homemade airplane kit is checking.
You should have the technical inspector take a look at your work after each major stage of the project.
When you do this, write down the date of the check, the person who checked, and the result.
You should also get an N number for your plane quite early and make sure your plane is registered with the FAA.
You can have your own choice if you like;
Normally, it will be the letter, n, with 5 letters or numbers behind it.
This step must be completed before the forum fisheries bureau inspector can issue you a certificate proving its airworthiness.
The build phase contains many other steps that you must complete in order to be successful.
For example, for safe operation, you should mark your instrument with the required marks.
These usually inform the pilot which speeds do not exceed, and the maximum and minimum speed of use for safe operation.
You will also need to post the word \"experiment\" in the cockpit inside the aircraft and all the entrances to the cabin.
These marks should be 2 inch high and must be able to read.
These are needed in order to obtain your air value certificate.
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