Tissue Paper Crafts

by:HKKYO     2019-11-13
Making artwork with paper towels is fun and you can make it with very few supplies.Continue reading some ideas for making paper towel crafts.If your child is interested in crafts then you should consider teaching him/her to use paper towels the same way.
You don\'t have to spend a lot of money making things with paper towels, and they are fun too.Children of any age can do this with little preparation time.Here\'s how to make some simple objects with this simple piece of paper that almost every family can find.
Make this type of key chain in different modes.Make a butterfly, or a flower.Draw the shape on the cardboard.Cut the cardboard into the desired shape with scissors.Pin the pattern on the plastic cover from all sides.
The pattern should fit the surface of the plastic cover.Cut the edges of the plastic cover into a flat surface and cut off the excess plastic (if any ).With the help of the punch, make a small hole in the top of the plastic.
Take colored paper towels and tear them into small pieces of inches.A de-coupling solution is applied to the cardboard layer of plastic.Disperse small pieces on the de-coupling solution.
Try to make a suitable overlapping pattern.In addition, disperse the solution on the paper towel and keep the assembly dry.Once the gum solution is completely dry, trim the excess paper to the edge.
Connect a thin line through the hole at the top.Tie the wire twice.Your key chain is ready.Tissue papers -Ball-Cut 2xa0Circles, one from a colored tissue twice the height of a lollipop in diameter, and another from a white tissue half the diameter of the previous circle.Foldxa0Colored paper on lollipops;Cover the white color on top.
Tie a ribbon on the paper attached to the stick to the lollipop to make the fairy\'s neck and face.Draw the fairy\'s eyes and mouth with a marker.Stick the place where you mark your eyes.To make fairy wings, take some colored paper towels and draw a butterfly shape.
Cut it out.
Take a cotton ball and color it with a black hair label.Stick the wings behind the FairyDecorate them with glitter or sequins.Gluexa0Colored cotton ballsxa0Top of lollipop.
Add some flash to make it look like hair and your fairy is ready.Here\'s how to make flowers with paper towels in origami style.Put one piece of paper on top of the other.
Start folding them in fan style (accordion-Style) from one end.Once you fold the paper, tie a rubber band in the middle of the folded note.Put this folded note on the table and start fan at both ends of the paper.
Gently lift the paper towels and separate them from each other.Fluff them to the center of the band, one layer at a time.Once you have finished all the layers, you will get your paper towels and paper flowers.
To make some design changes, you can trim the edges of the paper at the end.This is some interesting paper towel crafts for the children.You can use it to produce countless goods at very economical prices.
So the next time your child is bored, do these simple things and get rid of their boredom
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