Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

by:HKKYO     2019-11-14
In the lazy afternoon, let the children participate in some interesting and interesting crafts.Keep reading and find out exciting sanitary paper roll crafts that don\'t take too much time to learn and can be done with some simple ingredients.What do children like to do on Sunday afternoon?Well, first of all, they like to wake up late in the morning, because there is no school, they delay the time of bathing as much as possible and play some video games or outdoor games with friends.
But you can suggest making their time more efficient.How about making some handicrafts with sanitary paper rolls?They are easy to make and don\'t spend that much time and in the end the kids will learn something new.So let\'s say, let\'s start talking about business and have some constructive fun.
Here are four different ideas you can try...Buy a large colored or white craft paper, scissors, sparkling pens, crayons, pencils, sparkling glue and ribbons.First of all, you will draw the wings, face, hands and feet of the angel on the whole piece of paper.
The best way is to get a picture/cartoon of an angel and copy it.Cut out the individualAlso, for the hair of the angel, you will cut 8 filaments.Help curl the hair with the end of the pencil.
Punch 2 after the roll and insert a ribbon in it.Tie a knot.You can use angels as Christmas decorations to hang.Paint the face with sparkling strokes and color the hair, hands, feet and wings with crayons.
Now, stick wings, faces, hands, feet and curly hair to the angel one by one.To make this tree, collect a dozen rolls of paper, cardboard, crayons or watercolors, glue and scissors.Cut in half every roll taken.In this way, you have 24 jobs to do.Draw the exterior of all 24 volumes using green crayons or water colors.
If you have used watercolors, let it dry and stick them to the cardboard with glue.Because we are making Christmas trees, the shape should be like this.Use scissors to trim from the outside of the cardboard and do not stick the roll outside the cardboard.
You can color the inside of each circle in different colors.After the paint is dry, put a few candy in it and help yourself to eat one every day.As a cool Halloween decoration, we will make awesome bats for you to hang out at home.
First, collect the roll, a white chart paper, a picture of bats, scissors, watercolors and glue.You will draw the bat\'s face, wings and hands on the chart paper respectively.Cut each piece properly and paint with black water color.
Draw your face with a white watercolor pen or glitter.Punch 2 after the roll and insert a ribbon in it.Tie a knot.Now you will stick the bat\'s face, wings and arms in place one by one.
Hang your horror bat on the House or porch when it\'s finished.Collect tissue rolls, watercolors, 1 Brown and 1 yellow chart paper, scissors, glue and 2 popsicles for our next craft.If you are not familiar with the way the Totem looks, you can print out the design from the Internet.
Open the chart paper and draw 5 equal parts.Draw 5 different faces of totem directly on paper.Stick two rolls of glue together to make a long round tube and paint the surface using different water colors.
Next, you will stick the chart paper directly to the circular tube.Make sure the seams are glued properly.Take the yellow chart paper and draw 2 tortuous arms for all 5 animals and stick them together.The last thing you do is stick the Popsicle to the bottom of the tube so that the totem Rod can stand upright.
That\'s it.
you\'re done.
These are some interesting and interesting crafts made by children.Whether it\'s a Sunday afternoon or a school program, these paper craft ideas for kids are fun for them and for you
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