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Michel marriottjune 7, 2006At first blush, the PicoCricket kit was supplied like a craft full of colored felt, pipe cleaner, cotton and foam plastic balls
But this is the technological equipment in the digital age.
It also includes electronic sensors, motors, speakers, connecting cables and batteries-powered palm-
Programmable computer.
By combining traditional materials with high
Mitchell Resnick, an assistant professor of learning and research at MIT\'s Media Lab, said nine-year-old children can invent anything, from interactive jewelry to novel dance creatures to music sculptures.
Resnick\'s collaboration with children and learning in the Media Lab helped Lego create a very successful mind storm robot building kit in 1998, he said, he wants to conceive something that does not emphasize the construction of mechanical objects.
Instead, he says he is more interested in encouraging the creation of something artistic and providing a technical and programming language that allows young people to control their creative behavior more.
The ads \"want to get people to start with simple projects and get their imagination crazy,\" Resnick said . \".
\"I think young people are very fast diving and experimenting.
\"The cricket kit was designed to encourage such experiments,\" he said.
\"For example, a cricket guide guides users how to turn a birthday cake made primarily of felt, cardboard, and straws into a subtly interactive cake, a cake, can be programmed to turn off the light in the candle when someone blows it.
With some adjustments to cake programming, its artificial candles will flash even before they go out.
With more programming adjustments, the cake can play birthday music, or it can be combined with another self-made device to throw paper scraps into the air when your fingers bounce.
The $250 suit is the first product of Playful passion Co.
Or PICO, Montreal-
Resnick is the head office of his partner. founder;
Lego is a financial company. (
The kit will be available from www next month. picocricket.
Com, accept orders now. )
In addition to all the components, the kit also includes printing in double
A meal mat, but not much in terms of instructions.
The core tool of its innovation is PicoBlocks software. and-click, drop-and-
Drag the programming language.
It looks like a colorful puzzle that can be arranged and combined on a computer screen (PC or Mac)with a mouse.
String the marked pieces into interlocking sequences can create simple or complex commands.
The USB \"beamer\" plugged into the computer transfers commands to PicoCricket via a series of flashing lights.
The motor and sensor are inserted into the cricket and then executed according to the program stored in the cricket solidstate memory.
According to Resnick, PicoCricket\'s core technology dates back to 1980, when MIT and Lego were developing programmable Lego blocks, which led to a storm of thinking.
\"Controlling children is so important to us,\" Resnick said . \" He noted that both girls and boys are attracted to the creative engineering of the toolkit, according to research and seminars from MIT around the world.
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Other developers are also developing more open products.
A final building kit designed to allow young people to create and program their own computerized design.
The Vex robot design system was developed last year by Innovations First and Radio Shack to stimulate young people to have fun while innovating.
Along the way, many people got \"hands-
In learning \"how mathematics, physics, and computer programming can be useful and practical,\" says Joel Carter, first vice president of innovation marketing for robotics in Greenville, Texas.
The Vex robot kit includes instructions, but they encourage young people
General high school age
Solve the problem.
\"Talking to regular high school students, they are smarter,\" Carter said . \".
They like to open
Ended the problem and loved using tools that could be used to solve open issuesended problems.
\"The Vex starter kit includes more than 300 parts for $500.
They are enough to build remote-
Carter pointed out that control robots and programmable robots.
He said that programming is written in easyC, a graphical variant of the C language used by professional programmers.
\"It\'s a cool tool to work with Vex,\" he said of easyC working on Windows --
Based on personal computers.
\"It makes Vex accessible and mystifies programming.
Relatively young children can program robots to do what they want.
\"Programming is transmitted to the microprocessor of the robot by inserting the serial cable of the computer.
Carter noted that Carnegie Mellon University has developed a course to teach mathematics and science using Vex robots.
David Greenbaum, creator of robot shops and workshop robotics Village in Manhattan, says young people\'s appeal to learning more about robots is natural.
He said: \"It was a very exciting moment for the children to see the robots around them doing things like exploring the ocean and outer space and helping the hospital\'s patients and the elderly
\"They want to be one of them.
Learning Robotics skills gives them a big advantage in releasing their future possibilities.
\"Ad bots have recently become such a hot topic that Mark fraunfeld, editor-in-chief of Make magazine, says much of the magazine\'s latest issue is dedicated to guiding readers
\"There\'s really a big area where the other thing is the kit,\" says Frauenfelder, where people are becoming more and more popular in designing, building and programming their own work.
They aroused people\'s appetite.
They saw these robots online, and others brewed these cool robots at home.
\"A robot in Make is football --\"
The robot \"is made of Le Gao thinking storm kit and can be programmed to chase ping-
Hit the ball against the goal.
Caleb Chung and Bob Christopher, together
The founder of robot technology company Uggie in emmerville, California, said they are developing a baby robot dinosaur Pleo, which behaves so incredibly that it will invite like a play
Zhong\'s past work includes his role as a colleague.
Inventor of interactive plush toy Furby. The Pleo (www. ugobe. com/pleo)
Will be ready for the announced price before the holiday.
Christopher said robot pet technology, which runs on the company\'s life-form operating system, will \"work to achieve creative genes in everyone \".
\"At the same time, the diversity and possibilities of robotic kits continue to grow, covering everything from mechanical insects and beasts to high
Tech Toy House and rotating sculpture.
Resnick of MIT says robots no longer need to be restricted, \"What\'s in the box.
\"A version of this article was published in the International Herald Tribune on June 7, 2006.
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