toy industry is not child\'s play

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Will you believe that the game of having a child is called dirty water?
Or other games with the same descriptive names of generation ditch, group therapy, black and white, slum, smoke and confrontation?
You better believe it.
Because in the frenetic toy games and hobby industry, this month reached the annual climax, these are some items on the retail counter that are directly related to the front page news. Ecology and .
Parents across America are thinking and talking about the city crisis.
If some small companies in this industry
Like city systems.
It makes it dirty for us to play board games.
With their way, many children in the United States will solve their parents\' real-life problems.
Another small company, Ritar, Inc.
Even made a toy with its V. To touch the dome political sceneI. P. Theater.
There are cartoon puppets in this novelty music box.
At the end of the campaign, President Nixon and Vice President agneur danced with the tune of \"Forever Star-Spangled Banner\" or \"Tara La Rowe bomtai.
Advertising for this hot item
Where relevance is the name of the game-
The representative only hates a small portion of the merchandise found in retail toys during the 10 remaining shopping days before Christ mas.
But it shows that some manufacturers and retailers will try to increase their business in this year\'s recession.
One of the models for the industry this year is the CIA.
There is a lack of clear trends that appeal to the public\'s imagination, as do items from James Bond or David Crockett. in years past.
Often, Staples and low-priced items do better than fancy toys and high-priced mer chandise. (
Sales of toys in 1870 were generally higher than in 1969, both overall sales and retail sales.
But the situation is spotty, with some manufacturers and shops complaining about lucrative profits, and the stakes in some parts of the country are significantly higher than in others.
Lionel weitlaub, head of Ideal Toys, looks at the year from a positive perspective
As toymen said, \"In the absence of any prominent fashion goods, and by steadily selling many goods at moderate prices, progress is being made.
\"So what are you selling this year?
Gerald Levy, vice president of Macy\'s New York department store, asserted: \"on the strong side, it is a toy with more traditional value and more game value . \".
\"This includes items such as dolls, pre-school toys and science, art and hand-made kits.
\"In contrast, many space toys are relatively poor in business, and financial problems are not very similar to national space efforts.
\"This is because space toys are not real to children, and cars and fashion have been seen in their positions,\" notes Henry Orun Stein, president of each company.
Topper\'s Dawn doll is one of the best-selling companies for toys this year, and other toys that are widely publicized on TV, such as Mattel\'s Hot Wheels (miniature cars)
Parker\'s Nerf ball (
A \"inside door\" ball)
The wheel of the dune carriage of Remco, the wheel of Marx (tricycles)
And Ken ner\'s SSP player.
Strombeck\'s tootsie toy retail price is up to a dollar and is one of the successes within this very popular price range.
The freight for American Indian River toys is $2.
Worth $0. 4 billion. .
Last year goods at the manufacturer level and are expected to do better in 1970.
The exact amount, however, is in question.
The leading Indian trade association toy maker in the United States estimates a growth of at least 11 age points this year, a step that will bring sales to about $2. 26‐billion.
But Burnham and the firm\'s brokerage age expect the total to be lower --
Maybe more than $2.
Level 2 billion-
At least half of the advance payments are caused by inflation.
\"The recession, coupled with the caution of retailers, has made manufacturers particularly nervous when the key Christmas season comes,\" Burnham said . \".
\"There is a concern that delayed retail purchases will keep retailers out of stock, too late to restock.
Still, there are plenty of ways to do this next year, which many toy industry leaders are counting on. As Fred F. Ertl Jr.
President of Ertl and new president of T. M. A.
\"If the economy grows in 1971, the toy industry will accelerate,\" he said.
The elves will be busier in North Pole.
A version of this file was printed on page 167 of the New York edition on December 13, 1970 with the title: The toy industry is not a children\'s game.
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