two city schools win biz awards

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The spirit of Aboriginal students in Winnipeg has soared in this week\'s national competition.
The Children of Earth high school won the gold medal. B.
Russell High School won bronze in the annual e-commerce exam
The spirit Business Awards are on Thursday in Moncton, N. B.
\"We have been here for 11 years from the beginning to the present,\" said the Children of Earth coach Lee Brown.
\"This is our first piece of gold.
\"The award, sponsored by the Canadian commercial development bank, introduces indigenous youth to the benefits of starting a business and encourages them to work together.
This is work, Brown said.
\"It has to be an actual business plan that you can show to a bank or an investment group,\" she said . \".
The Winnipeg team competes with 77 other teams from 37 schools in Canada and has invested a lot of energy, teamwork and intuition to stand out.
The children of the Earth team, led by Grade 12 student Melanie Harris, decided later in the game to abandon their original business plan and sell handmade kits for eating fresh food
Says Brown, a fruit-flavored company.
\"Her windows are tight and they\'re done,\" the coach said of Harris and her teammate Harriet Litle . \".
\"She and Harriet worked very hard and completed the task,\" Brown said . \".
Competition requires more than business planning, she says.
\"It includes all the information about finance and marketing, products and the children themselves.
\"They also have to make a video that sells their products and show Power Point to the judges,\" Brown said.
The bronze was awarded to R. B.
Russell High School is only a few blocks away from the kids on Earth.
The team plan of Anishinabe welding company is to recycle wood and sheet metal and customize 3-D signs. The R. B.
Russell\'s team has also been honored for its innovative use of technology.
In the process of making, the plasma is combined with the elements of the original design.
Cutting, welding and carpentry.
Winning the gold medal was a surprise for the children of team captain Harris.
\"When we showed it to the judges, we lost the language and the slides were mixed together,\" Harris said . \".
She said they had a good time when they overcame the tension. \"It was fun.
We\'re going to meet a group of people and look at other people\'s speeches.
Brown said: \"So far, no entrepreneur in her North End School has started a business. Brown has been teaching the school team for seven years.
\"One of the things we \'ve seen recently is more posts.
\"Middle school education,\" said the teacher.
\"Many of our children go to college in different fields after graduation,\" Brown said . \".
Harris plans to attend Red River College in the fall.
\"What I\'m thinking is care or health --
Nursing assistant, \"20-year-
The old man lives on the north end.
\"Our goal is not to make them entrepreneurs, but to make them see possibilities in areas of their interest,\" Brown said . \". carol.
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