u.s. military delivers first fast patrol boat to egypt

by:HKKYO     2019-08-17
DUBAI (Reuters)-The U. S.
The military has moved the first of four American soldiers. S. -
The construction of a fast patrol boat to Egypt, but said the move did not show that Washington had decided to stop most of the changes in military aid because of concerns about democracy and human rights.
\"This is not a shift in our position on foreign military assistance,\" said Pentagon spokesman and Navy Commander Bill . \" He added that Washington continued to review the overall level of assistance to Egypt.
He said: \"The overall situation of foreign military aid to Egypt is something we constantly review because they have made progress on their way back to democratic governance . \" Last month, when it announced plans to withhold $0. 26 billion in cash and sales of various military equipment from Egypt, it had made it clear that it would continue to support counter-terrorism, counter-terrorism and military support
Proliferation and security of the Sinai Peninsula bordering the United StatesS. ally Israel.
\"We continue to provide military assistance in areas where we share important national security interests,\" Speaks told Reuters . \".
He declined to say how the new warships will be used in Egypt.
Speaks said the second of the four fast patrol boats will be transferred to Egypt by the end of this year, and the remaining two will follow early next year.
Last month, Washington suspended some military shipments to Egypt. S.
US Secretary of State John Kerry and other US Secretary of StateS.
In recent weeks, Egyptian officials have made some positive statements about Egypt\'s efforts to restore democracy.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Egyptian army chief of staff Abdul Fattah last week
According to a Pentagon spokesman\'s telephone record, West welcomed the end of the Egyptian emergency law and curfew.
On July, after a massive protest against the rule of the West, the West led the overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
American officials sayS.
The government paid the United States. S.
Weapons manufacturers charge some storage fees for equipment made in Egypt but not yet shipped to Egypt.
He declined to give any details of the charges.
Items refused to be shipped to Egypt include F-
Lockheed Martin\'s 16 fighter jets, the Apache helicopter made by Boeing and the tank upgrade kit made by General power
With the help of Lockheed, ST Engineering\'s VT Halter Marine is building a rapid missile vehicle for Egypt.
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