update 1-aqua dots head parade of further us toy recalls

by:HKKYO     2019-08-15
Recasting of Aqua Dots recall)
Washington, November 7 by Karey Wutkowski and Julie Vorman (Reuters)-About 4.
2 million-
The US has recalled the made water point toy because it may contain a \"date rape\" drugS.
Security officials said Wednesday that they had announced another batch of toys that had been recalled due to excessive lead levels. The U. S.
Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC)
There is a chemical on the beads of Aqua Dots craft toys, 1-4-ethanol, which, if swallowed, turns into a toxic substance that causes coma, respiratory inhibition, or seizures.
Light green polka dot toy wo
Mart department store (WMT. N)
Top 12 Christmas toys and have been sold in major US regionsS.
Retail stores have been priced between $17 and $30 since April.
Australian officials released
After three children were hospitalized, similar toys were widely prohibited.
Also on Wednesday, the CPSC issued a recall of about 403,000 toys painted with excessive lead, including 380,000 toy cars sold in the regular US dollar store.
Other warnings are for the dizzy duck music box, Winnie-the-
Winnie-the-Pooh spinning top, \"Big Red Van\", Bulldogs and fun car toys, and the wind of the duck family collection --
All of this is because the paint contains unsafe lead.
Recall involving millions of Chinese
In recent months, the production of most toys has surpassed the lead in paint, which shocked American consumers.
Lead is toxic and can pose serious health risks to children, including brain damage.
There were no injuries reported in Wednesday\'s match.
But a CPSC spokesman said the agency had two reports of unconscious children in the United States after swallowing water droplets.
The child who was later hospitalized has recovered.
It urges consumers to take water bead toys from their children and look for any streaming beads that may fall off the craft kit.
The toy was sold in North America by Toronto company Spin Master Ltd. , which said it also recalled Aqua Dots from Canadian retail stores.
Australia has announced a nationwide ban on about 1 million of toys, as surveys show that they contain 4-dingol, which is metabolized to date when they are swallowed-rape drug.
Three Australian children were seriously ill after swallowing the beads on the toy, where they were sold as \"Bindeez.
This toy was rated as 2007 toys of the year in Australia. U. S.
Lawmakers have come up with a piece of legislation that will actually ban lead in toys and provide more funding for testing, recall and enforcement of product safety agencies.
They also criticized Nancy Nordisk, acting president of the security agency, for accepting the industryfunded trips.
The toy car recalled on Wednesday was sold in the US dollar general retail store from April to October for about $1 per pack of two to four cars.
Consumers should return the toy car to the regular store in the US dollar for a refund.
Schylling Associates Inc. in Raleigh, Massachusetts recalls the wind of the collection of 3,500 ducks
Toy, 1,300 stun duck music box, 3,600 Winnie-the-
Pooh spinning top.
All for sale in USAS.
Specialty toy shops and gift shops.
The duck wind-
From January to August 2007, up toys were sold for about $8.
Including a big tin wind.
The duck pulled three little ducks.
The duck\'s music box has been on sale for around $12 since October 2007.
The toy is wind-
With the music playing, there are ducks spinning in the music box.
Winnie who was recalledthe-
Pooh tops are linked to similar recalls in August, including toys sold nationwide for around $12 from April 2003 to November 2003.
The toy is mainly metal, with wooden handles, printed with Winnie-the-Pooh characters.
The safety agency said the recall did not include the top with plastic handles.
Consumers can contact Schylling for a refund or replacement.
The northern tools equipment company in Burnsville, Minnesota recalled about 7,200 \"Big Red\" trucks sold through the company\'s catalog website and the United States. S.
From July to September 2007, retail stores cost about $60.
Customers can return the van to the Northern Tool store for replacement free of charge.
International Sourcing Co. , Ltd. , through Schumacher racing and Matco Tools, recalled about 7,500 Dragster and funny car toys sold at the National Hot Rod Association event through the doorto-
Door sales in September 2007.
Consumers can return the car to international purchases for a full refund or replacement of the product.
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