veterans charity accused of squandering millions

by:HKKYO     2019-08-17
Helping hospitalized veterans is no stranger to the controversy. The California-
Four years ago, the founder of the foundation and then-
The president was brought to Congress to answer tough questions about his management of millions of dollars in private donations.
Roger Charbin has made a fierce defense of his actions, and his team continues to raise millions of dollars to support its mission to provide art and craft equipment to veterans at home and in hospital
Now, the organization is once again in trouble, and the watchdog says it highlights the lack of oversight of more and more charities in recent years that are meant to help the army return from the war.
California Attorney General Kamala Harris told The Associated Press on Thursday that her office is suing charities in Winchester for alleged violations of state regulations.
The prosecutor said that, with the consent of several board members, Charbin and his successor, Michael Lynch, were severely overpaid.
According to a complaint filed by the Riverside County High Court, the directors of the organization spent a lot of money on benefits, such as $80,000 for golf membership of board members.
It is reported that the annual income to Help Hospitalized Veterans was $41 million in 2011, including $30 million in cash donations.
\"What is so shocking about this is that our military and women are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country and for Americans,\" Harris said. \"when they need help and support, we should give them help and support instead of manipulating charities and then profit from them in person. \".
On Thursday, Chapin and others mentioned in the complaint could not be reached for comment.
A law firm representing veterans in hospital did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.
Helping Hospitalized Veterans rank among the top 1% in the national charity, and it is reported that the amount of money raised each year.
Prosecutors say the organization has earned more than $0. 436 billion since 2001.
The group was supported by a retired general.
Tommy Franks later pulled away from the charity.
At the same time, for more than a decade, it has been at the bottom of the list of regulators that rate non-profit organizations based on their financial management and their ability to use most of their contributions for their careers.
About 35% of hospitalized veterans funds are used to aid veterans programs, says CharityWatch.
The recommended standard is about 65%.
At the 2008 session of Congress, Charbin called himself \"the most honest person in this room \".
\"A year later, he retired with a pension plan of nearly $2 million, after the board members of the group retroactively raised his income, to prove that the inflated amount of his retirement was reasonably based on a complaint filed by the California attorney general\'s office.
\"Surprisingly, it took so long, all in (2008)
Daniel Borochoff of CharityWatch said he is responsible for monitoring the financial records of non-profit organizations.
\"More importantly, the information is not filtered out to donors.
But he added:\"
Charbin weaves a complex network to confuse
This makes it difficult for regulators to solve the problem.
When she took office in 2011, Harris said, she made it a top priority to chase people who used veterans.
Her investigators have been building a case she calls complex over the past year.
Helping hospitalized veterans is one of more than 20 organizations initiated by Chapin.
The prosecutor said that the board of directors of the organization authorized the provision of loans and grants to other organizations in Chapin.
State officials are seeking to remove the current president and several board members.
They want at least four more dollars.
Prosecutors say 3 million of the money has been wasted on charitable trusts.
The operation will enable the organization to complete the work it intends to do and help more veterans, Harris said.
According to its website, the Mission to Help Hospitalized Veterans is to support recreational and occupational therapy for both home and inpatient veterans, mainly through the donation of craft kits, help them recover by stimulating their brains and using their motor skills.
It also employs \"craft care specialists\" to help veterans select and complete their craft kits.
Borochoff said the complaint sent a strong message to unscrupulous charities.
Borochoff said: \"raised about $2 billion on behalf of the veterans charity, and unfortunately many of them were wasted and not used to help our veterans.
\"What happened was really ridiculous.
It\'s out of control, too much waste.
It is a national shame to allow people to exploit veterans for their personal economic or corporate interests.
According to the Charity Navigator, of the 50 veterans charities, there is a third agency that has a poor assessment of the rate, the financial management or \"donor consultation\" tag of 20% of charities indicates that the authorities are investigating these organizations.
Ken Berger, president of Washington, said that in contrast, the proportion of other types of charities is 2%.
Assess groups of 5,500 charities.
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