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by:HKKYO     2019-08-22
Choose these interesting options because your gift will break up your working relationship.
The season for supervised gifting is up.
If you are already in the workplace afraid of the twisted Secret Santa game, welcome to the club mates.
This kind of office ceremony in disguise is really hard to win.
We mean, come on, you never know who you have to play Santa.
If it is a non-friend, then the whole process begins to become meaningless.
On the other hand, if you are with you, the consequences need to be considered.
So if you\'re happy with the upcoming celebration, let\'s help you.
The gift Santa Claus gave you, it will be our secret, not the real secret.
List of gifts to avoid, and options you might want to try.
No: Coffee is a word for you. Clichéd!
Believe us, everyone has their own cups in their office cups.
On a table surrounded by office supplies, it was a very \"we\" thing.
It looks a bit warm in a very cold working environment, and most of us are strangely attached to the environment we use.
We can not change.
YAY: potted plants, leave your touch on your colleagues\' table and try a small potted plant.
Low-meat plants-
Care varieties that can add color to the desk immediately.
Not only that, but not even interesting.
Even if you work in a very relaxed workplace, there are some boundaries that can\'t be crossed.
Do you think you will make a few wild laughs with those funny oneliners on the red boxer shorts?
It is likely to backfire, because seriously, the recipient does not need the image of his underwear in everyone\'s mind.
Even if you are a dead party in the office, do so.
If you want to make a mark on your humor, make sure it\'s smart humor.
For example, a quirky alarm clock for someone who is always late, or a newspaper subscription for someone who doesn\'t know anything about what\'s going on in the world. (
The idea came directly from Alia Bhatt. Or not. )
No: deodorant wash face water shampoo etc don\'t you want to comment on someone\'s hygiene?
Especially if it\'s someone you don\'t know very well.
You may intend to be completely harmless, but it will be a hint to believe us.
In addition, we all have brands we like.
YAY: If you want to stick to the lifestyle, you can carve, brooch, and give away a beautiful scarf.
Reasonable, who does not love a little layering. A tie-
Pin, brooch or cufflinks can also be considered!
No: there\'s nothing more screaming about the photo frame than the store
Bought a photo frame
This is strictly forbidden.
No, even if you supplement it with a very cute photo of the recipient.
No, just last century.
YAY: photo collages if the photos excite you and your recipients, choose some clumsy, nerdy photos where you show them together and make them into a collages with them
Stick stickers and try fonts and profiles.
Then print it on a lamp, or a blanket or a mouse pad. The trick?
Keep the frame minimal and let the picture speak.
With off-the-
Shelf photo frame, which shows the effort.
This is important.
No: the gift card is just too lazy.
Yes, we know it\'s a gift of choice, but the gift card just means you don\'t care too much and don\'t have any ideas.
Look, it\'s not a wedding and the recipient doesn\'t need to start a new home that you can help with, even though it\'s a gift card. Be a fun Santa.
YAY: make KITSGo for something that the recipient can use to create further.
For example, artsy\'s craft bag, or the cosplay bag of someone who likes to knit.
Add personal information that compliments their work and you will get brownie points.
In fact, for someone who may not be at home and feel a little lonely, you can even put a care pack together.
No: can\'t dry fruit remove the fruit received by Diwali?
Your recipients, your colleagues, your boss, and even the next floor will know.
So, even if you\'re Santa from someone you care about, put nuts and dates at home.
There is nothing more vulgar than recycling food gifts!
YAY: TEA hamper instead of going to buy things that are worth opening up in the office and sharing with everyone, it\'s better to send some delicious but thoughtful gifts.
Like a box of flavored tea
Leaves for tea connoisseurs or exotic fruit syrup!
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