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While the holiday may be a happy moment for some, it may also be grim for those who are less fortunate ---
Sick, closed.
Ins and families who can\'t afford to celebrate.
Incorporate the spirit of the holiday by helping those who need it most.
Here is a partial list of non-profit organizations that provide community assistance and the ones they need.
If you do not list the communities or regions you are interested in, please contact your local volunteer agency.
Please keep in mind that while helping others during the festival will bring you a short amount of joy, its effect will last for many years.
Cheering for abused and neglected children at the international children\'s college, holiday wishes are new toys, clothing jewelry, warm jackets, pajamas, watches, radios, small travel bags, Polaroid cameras and filmInformation: (213)385-5100.
* The wish list of the Association of disabled children in Southern California includes toys (
For babies in their teens)
Gift certificates for cosmetics, socks, radios, cd, tapes, grocery stores or clothing stores, new sports equipment, microwave ovens, food processors, TVs and computers. Information: (213)874-3300, Ext. 314.
* Young man at Camp Menden Hall, Lake Hughes, a soldier --
Like the probation training camp, paperback, comic books, stationery, deodorant, black pens, and, of course, volunteers are needed. Information: (805)724-
1213 * holiday needs for black babies in southwest Los Angeles include baby clothes, crib sheets, towels, baby food, formula, toiletries, blankets, bottles, car seats and baby carriages.
Message: Jenny Taylor ,(213)295-5495.
* For 40 teenagers and a dozen babies and toddlers in the center of Crittenton, Florence, Los Angeles, from the clock radio, bathrobes, earrings, perfumes, trendy maternity dresses, educational toys for children, hair dryers, children\'s clothing (sizes 2 to 5)
, Ring the bell and teething, soft baby books and stuffed animals. Information: (213)225-4211.
* Special Children\'s Fund requires gifts, food baskets and groceries, which take care of 150 disabled infants and toddlers in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and South Bay.
Also seeking help from volunteers, packing children\'s gifts, preparing food baskets, playing Santa Claus, preparing and serving food. Information: (213)290-2000.
* Help the free art center for abused children bring festive joy to children, which displays art as a therapeutic tool in Los Angeles and Orange County. Needs are--
Especially teenagers. -
Plush toys, games, art supplies
Shirts, gift certificates, handmade in the record store
Hold video games, watches, new white T-shirts (all sizes)
And art supplies. Information: (310)313-4278.
* Schools on wheels help educate children (
Kindergarten to Grade 12)
A family staying in a shelter, motel or on the street.
The specific requirements are Calculator, three-
Copy paper and backpack. Information: (310)317-4729.
* Optimists foster home institutions need to provide special gifts for 450 abused, abandoned and neglected children in Los Angeles and Antelope Valley.
Message: Marianne Wilson ,(213)341-
5561 or Judith Poe (805)272-4733.
* Los Angeles child guidance clinic helps people aged 18 months to 22 with mental illness, abuse and neglect.
Items required include new toys, arts and crafts supplies, new school supplies, Polaroid film, 35-
Color and black and white movies, educational computers, gift certificates for groceries, canned food, etc.
Information: Karen King (213)766-2360.
* The Riverside County Department of Public Service Volunteer Service program is requesting community support for Santa Claus action for victims of abuse and neglect.
More than 4,000 gifts are sought for children and elderly dependent adults.
Items include toys and gift certificates. Information: (909)358-3625.
* Help abused, abandoned and neglected children on five acres of Altadena.
The center wants to provide them with items including food baskets, grocery and store gift certificates, diapers, new clothes, TVs, video recorders, encyclopedias, dishes and large artificial plants.
Message: Craig Scott ,(626)798-6793, Ext. 305.
* Collect unpacked toys, cash, gift certificates and cans for abused, neglected and emotionally disturbed children (through age 18)
Children\'s guidance clinic in San Fernando Valley in North Ridge.
Message: Jo Devine ,(818)993-9311.
Comfort the sick with the singing Angel
Healing Angels, Christmas, singing carols for patients from noon to 3 in the evening at Kaiser Hospital, West Endm.
Bring a package gift for children or adults.
Message: Audrey Linden ,(310)553-0166.
* A large microwave oven and an erase blackboard are festival wishes on 2nd, a facility provided by the Santa Monica family for the recovery of mental illness. Information: (310)394-6889.
* Food, computers and new toys will cheer customers of the Minority AIDS program, a non-profit organization that serves people of all races. Information: (213)936-4949. * Frank D.
The Lanterman Regional Center, dedicated to helping people with development barriers, needs volunteers and contributes new toys, food certificates and personal care products to shared projects during the holidays. Information: (213)383-1300, Ext. 324.
* County AIDS patients in need of help-
University of Southern California Medical Center
Special needs for adultssize T-
Shirts, Cologne and jerseys.
Message: Maggie Dolinsky ,(213)226-6945.
* During the treatment equestrian event in Chatsworth, vacation assistance is needed to help disabled children with horseback riding and horseback riding care.
Provide training. Information: (818)700-2971.
* Make-need Holiday HelpA-
Wish Foundation, special wishes to children under the age of 18 with difficulties in life
Threatening disease. Information: (800)322-9474.
* Lions international and LensCrafters allow you to help others watch by donating old glasses.
Under the \"visual gift\" program, glasses are cleaned, repaired, classified by prescription, and distributed to poor people in developing countries. Information: (800)541-5367.
* The Tierra del Sol Foundation in Sunland, Claremont and Van Nuys provides training and employment programs for adults with developmental and multiple disabilities.
IBM computer devices and adults on their holiday wish list
Wheelchair size. Information: (818)352-1419.
* Bring a toy and help at Whittier\'s inter-community mentoring center, which is the seventh annual gift sharing at 8 this morning. m.
Message: Charlene DimasPeinado, (562)692-0383. * At-
Parents of children and adolescents at risk are assisted at family friends, community mental health and family support centers in Van Nuis.
Parents\' Holiday Wishes are clothes, diapers and foods that are not easy to rot.
Procedures for
Children at risk need donations from new clothes, preschool and schools
E-books, color books, crayons and color marker pens. Information: (818)988-4430.
Help those in need * provide shelter and service network at Ocean Park Community Center in Santa Monica.
Items that wish to be purchased include flannel pajamas, new underwear, backpacks, Turkey baskets, canned food, grocery vouchers, diapers, cassette tapes, clothing suitable for job interviews, cosmetic bags and shavingInformation: (310)264-6647. * At-
Risk children and poor families in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties have been helped at the Santa Barbara Association
Vincent de Paul, Corporate Council of Los Angeles
What is needed is toys, clothing, diapers and formula for boys and girls aged 7 to 14, food that is not perishable, new socks and underwear, blankets, sleeping bags and warm jackets for homeless adults. Information: (800)974-3571.
* Children in fannets provide emergency services to homeless teenagers aged 11 to 17.
Wish list includes Walkman radio, crafts, make-up, curlers, piano, adult interview costume, girl and boy costume (sizes 3 to 20)
New socks, new shoes (any sizes)
Tickets, watches and school supplies for sporting events, amusement parks or concerts. Information: (818)908-4474.
* Families, businesses and organizations can help by adopting a family through Los Angeles family housing
Emergency shelter for families in San Fernando Valley, East Los Angeles and South Los Angeles
Central Los Angeles.
New toys, clothes and food are needed. Information: (818)982-4091.
* Food and new toys in St.
Peter Clapham Centre for Catholic society in the South
Central and Crenshaw regions. Information: (213)737-6036.
* Gifts from 20 mothers and/or their children were asked at his nesting place in Long Beach.
Holiday needs include diapers, perfumes, nylon, slippers, Christian music videos and tapes, Walkman radios, fast food certificates and children\'s Bibles. Information: (562)422-2137.
* Haven House in Pasadena, an agency that provides shelter for abused women and children, will provide a variety of items for infants, children and adolescents.
Unpackaged video games can be used (nonviolent)
New clothes, new tools, toiletries, gift certificates (
Movies, fast food, music)
Gift package and grocery certificate. Information: (626)564-8880.
* Holiday gift help-
The Cat and Dog Rescue Association needs packaging items.
Experience is not required.
All proceeds will be used directly to castrated and sprayed dogs and cats, as well as to promote programs and feed homeless animals. Information: (213)525-1471.
* More than 80 homeless shelters and services are represented by shelter partner companies
It has a big microwave on its wish list
Capacity refrigerator, computer, children\'s toys, children\'s clothing.
Information: Ruth Schwartz ,(213)688-2188.
* The Postmaster of Pasadena keeps the letters addressed to Santa Claus and sends them to the primary conference hall of Pasadena (Jaycees)
Collect toys and send them to local children.
On Christmas Eve, need help in sorting out, picking toys and typing (On the computer)
Children\'s address on Santa Claus RoadInformation: (626)792-5146.
* Schools and companies are required to participate in the annual toy event provided by Beyond Shelter for homeless families.
Volunteers transporting toys to the Los Angeles office need help. Information: (213)252-0772.
* Restore is a transitional housing facility for victims of domestic violence in downtown Los Angeles and wants vehicle and vehicle insurance, washer and dryer, mattress, refrigerator and freezer, roof repair, furnace, sheets and vehicle repair (
1991 Ford Aerostar). Information: (213)937-7672.
* Schools and staff groups can help the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank by setting up buckets for holiday donations.
What is needed is not perishable goods and volunteers who organize food.
Source: LaTanya Fowler (213)234-3030, Ext. 130.
* Recruit and support Foster and Foster/adopted families in Los Angeles County through the church and parish children sharing network.
It looks for new toys for the welcome basket. Information: (818)957-4452.
: In order for the Los Angeles Mission to continue to serve thousands of homeless people in the slums, the organization needs socks (
Men and women), pants (men\'s sizes 28-
36. women\'s clothing of various sizes)
Shoes, deodorant, underwear (
Men and women), men\'s suits (sizes 38-50)
Toiletries and baby clothes. Information: (213)629-1227.
* Women helping women\'s services sponsored by the National Jewish Women\'s Council/Los Angeles request donations of unpackaged toys and gift basket food. Information: (213)655-3807.
: Help the Poor in inter-religious action on ageing to provide them with hot meals
A short visit.
Meals need to be donated. Information: (562)436-0991.
* People of all ages, especially children, are welcome to visit the Canoga Care center through the holiday program (
Nursing Home)in Canoga Park.
Participation in any form is welcome: singing Christmas carols, helping to distribute gifts donated and visiting patients.
Message: Candice Wallis ,(818)346-1582.
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