what to pack in your carry-on for a plane trip (ages 5 to ...

by:HKKYO     2019-08-14
When traveling with young children, the rule of thumb for packing luggage --
Prepare for delays and confusion.
The backpack usually works best because it keeps your hands free.
Remember, your carry-on once your luggage is checked-
On becomes the magician\'s hat and serves you everything you need to keep your child\'s content and comfort in your flight.
Here are some tips on what to pack: recent color photos of your child if you are separated. (
Or take a picture with your mobile phone before you go to the airport. )
An empty water bottle, after you pass the security check, you can fill with attractive snacks, and there is very little chance of confusion in a re-sealed plastic bag.
Try cookies, slices of apple, cheese, trail mix, pretzels and fruit leather.
Some new toys, books, portable craft bags or art supplies surprise your childA tablet, MP3 player, electronics
Readers or other portable devices with children
Travel with friendly books, games, music or videos-
If the juice is overflowing or motion sickness, you can change clothes for your child together.
Also, the cabin can be cold, so bring a sweater or jacket as well.
Re-sealed plastic bags to keep dirty clothes and junk medical information and contact information for your child\'s health care provider in case your child needs emergency medicine. (
If it\'s in your checked baggage, a flight delay or missing bag may leave you with it when the child plans to bring it next time. )
Chewing gum can relieve ear pressure during the descent process. Your child packs his own little backpack with what he wants.
He will enjoy being part of a travel plan and will appreciate being able to decide how to take his place.
Make sure he has a light bag so he doesn\'t get tired of carrying his bag at the airport.
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