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by:HKKYO     2019-08-18
Bangalore is a trendy place and there is a lot to do around the city as well.
Crafts are up to date in everyone\'s to-do list.
Designers and artists are more than happy to share their artwork online.
Painting workshops have been a favorite since then, and Raksha Umesh of the beautiful palette says: \"Today, people don\'t want to buy random things.
Instead, they want to learn the art.
\"The next hot topic is jewelry and candle making --
We definitely have a long way to go from opening our mouths to the idea of making candles for the dimples Kapadia!
Sumathi Vinod said: \"I held a workshop on the production of terracotta warriors jewelry and designer candles.
I start with every Foundation.
Water candles, Picture candles and aromatic candles are the biggest fans.
\"Divya Thallap is one of the pioneers who promoted the trend of decoupling Bangalore through her page shouting yellow.
\"I\'m selling more than just art. There\'s a story.
Decoupage is one of the most popular DIY crafts.
It\'s easy, clean, super fast, and most importantly, beautiful!
Not only have you created art with satisfaction, but you have also changed with satisfaction what you have been lying in your home all the time.
\"The owner, Deepthi Vinod, under the yellow tent, held a workshop on the production and decoupling of terracotta jewellery.
She commented: \"Bengali loves art.
You don\'t have to go to the store to buy artwork anymore, it\'s really great.
With a little patience and a good eye, you can do something at home.
Pooja Ajmera, owner of Teekhii Chhurii, which hosts the paper-cutting workshop, said, \"since paper-cutting is a niche art form, people want to learn and explore it to get to know the artwork”Pratyusha M. V.
Pratvam\'s program evolved from a hobby.
\"I have a quilling workshop for children and adults.
Each level handles sorting from basic shapes to printing or 3-D quilling.
Paper jewelry is popular at present.
\"You made jewelry and need a bag now?
Cheerful Susan John and Madras-themed Suda hold workshops on bag making.
\"A simple household sewing machine can do a lot of things that many people don\'t know.
\"Our workshop shows them how to use it if you have basic sewing skills,\" said Susan . \".
Their last workshop saw them teach to fold on the clutch.
The class also includes methods such as connecting the zipper, blocking the color, connecting the bag to give it some form of structure, etc.
Hosts were also brought in.
Carol Pinto said in the journal Bloom and growth: \"The charcoal sketch is done very well.
Class at basic and advanced levels.
The current coach is Glen d Souza, a charcoal artist from Mangalore.
The children also have special workshops.
Varsha Agarwal in springThe-Creative-
Infinity said: \"We promote the craft culture by providing a simple crafting kit for a variety of crafts.
We arranged origami, clay models, paper making process and best waste workshops for the kids.
\"Spring also hosts free seminars for poor children.
\"Similarly, paper scraps Pooja Haria has held a variety of handmade DIY workshops for children, including Matchbox storybooks, superhero cloaks, creative masks and umbrella paintings, among others.
\"Our workshop combines art and science. We offer two-
Weekly course on 3D art production, graffiti combined with augmented reality photography, canvas painting created into a bag/wallet, and eco-technology
Friendly DIY crafts.
\"In addition to housewives, there are people like Pushpanjali. D.
She is a professional HR manager who is responsible for fashion jewelry courses in her spare time.
\"My students include housewives, working women and teenagers.
\"While some people develop their hobbies in class, others aim to start their own adventures.
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