younger women returning to domestic crafts in droves

by:HKKYO     2019-08-27
She will sew, Cook, weave in the garden
Choices were even made.
According to the latest data, the housewife is back and young women embrace domestic crafts in groups.
In the past six months, sewing machines have been removed quickly, and sales of Lincraft have increased by 30 per cent.
\"There is a clear trend that is happening and we are also starting to see an increase in sales of apparel fabrics,\" said Lincraft spokesperson Jeff Croft . \".
\"The demand for sewing classes has increased, and one of the biggest areas of growth is knitting yarn, 10-
Sales increased by 20 per cent compared to this time last year.
Spotlight spokesman Steven Carey says the DIY handmade kit is booming.
The new housewife also appears to have turned Victoria\'s backyard into a vegetarian garden, with sales of vegetable seedlings and herbs soaring by 30 in 12 months.
According to Steven Porter, head of the nursery and garden industry association, tomatoes are as hot as beans, peas and herbs.
Book a \"rent out\" chocolate in the back yard choo and are trying to meet the needs.
\"I can\'t keep up with the chocolate supply --
\"At the moment, about people have decided to keep them,\" said operator Deb Maffescioni . \".
New data from Australian social forecasters show that more Victorian people are focusing on families --
Based on activities.
The survey showed that the number of people spending time on craftsmanship increased by 5 percentage points, and the number of people spending time on home cooking, DIY and gardening increased by 4 percentage points.
\"Our mindset has changed a lot and turned to an older one --
A frugal way of life-
\"It\'s not really a waste, don\'t want to get close,\" said David Chalke, a social analyst and consultant in Australia . \".
\"There is a confluence of forces --
Global financial crisis, environmental problems and new cocoons
Together they formed a new housewife.
\"That\'s why we embrace domestic crafts again.
\"Stitch and craft shows expect 50,000 visitors to participate in the next Melbourne exhibition as the number of people and teenagers under 35 years of age increases.
Rebecca Fanelli, a buyer of Myer home products, said the sales trend reflected a new focus on home.
\"We found that when things get tough, people buy more decorative things, not core things ---
Updating and updating the home is an easy way, \"said Fanelli MS.
\"Things like bedding, bathroom accessories, cushions and bed covers are hot now.
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